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  1. Yeah same here. Sucks living in florida all we get are Bucs, Jags, And Phin games
  2. He seems pretty happy about signing with us "Let make it happen Atlanta! #RiseUp!! " http://twitter.com/#!/JamesSanders36
  3. I don't believe Our offense is better. Julio is unproven and so is Quizz. Im optimistic but at the same time we got to be realistic. We have added 2 great pieces to our offense but the saints offense is so explosive mostly because of thier QB and their Coack. Sean Payton and Drew Brees are a perfect match. We don't have that kind of offensive minds on our teams. We are very talented and can only improve and hopfully this year is the year Ryan takes the next step.
  4. I thought we were talking about the last play off game. The packers just came in and knocked us silly. The team as a whole wasn't prepared not just Ryan. As for the one against the Cardinals, I cant rememeber much about that game. All I know is it Ryan isn't the first QB that has problems in play offs. Peyton Manning had a few bad seasons. All the "experts" were knocking on Aaron Rodgers for not winning one yet before this season. Some QB's just need a couple of seasons to get it together in the playoffs. From what I have seen Ryan has proven time and time again why he is one of the best YOUNG QB's in the NFL. YOUNG which means he still has time to grow his game. I believe this season was just a warm up for Matt. With Jones and Quizz on the team now he has the weapons he needs to bring his game to the next level and win a playoff game. Of course with a little defensive help because this is a TEAM game.
  5. Well congrats man Julio actually uses the throwback one as his facebook and twitter default pictures.
  6. -1? Sure I gladly will thank you What game were YOU watching? It seems to me the whole team lost us that game. Defense played horrible, Owens couldnt cover without the ref throwing a flag or me throwing my remote at the t.v, Ryan was horrible in that game as well, from what I rememeber I wasn't to impressed with Turner, and wasn't to impressed with the lack of tackeling. OVERALL it was a HORRIBLE game for the WHOLE team. Just one of those games that everything that could go wrong went wrong. Just sucks it had to be a playoff game, but hey live and learn.
  7. Iv'e been watching episodes from "The Wire"..this is my second time watching up to season 3 and now i'm one episode away from season 4...this need to end!
  8. last I checked Flaccos stats in those playoffs games wern't great. Not saying Flacco is bad but it's obvious those games were won because of any other reason but Flaccos game.
  9. Lets see how long it takes for the Ryan haters to come and ruin this thread.....Here weeee....GO!
  10. I wouldn't do it. Chad will want to much money and I dont think we can have 2 #1 recievers on one team. Julio is the next #1 (hopfully) and Roddy is the current #1 reciever. I really don't see them pulling the trigger on Chad.
  11. I'm pretty sure he deleted his account after the second Saints game.
  12. All this arguing over whose better is pointless but if you cant beat them join them. For anyone who thinks the Falcons offense is better than the Saints I believe youre wrong. BUT that doesnt mean this offense is horrible. I believe we are ALMOST at the same level. I for one think Brees is way ahead of Ryan even after last season. Brees just has that killer instinct that Ryan is getting slowly. Sure Ryan hasn't won a playoff game. Oh well he's made it there 2 of his first 3 years in the NFL which is still a great accomplishment. He just needs to take his game to the next level, unlike Brees, Ryan hasn't hit his peak yet. We haven't seen what he can really do. Hopefully this year he hits his max. The saints offense is a big part of Brees success. Sean Payton knows how to use who he has and thats why Brees is as great as he is. Ryan isn't as lucky to have an offensive genius or isnt as lucky to have all the weapons around him like Brees does. So is Ryan better than Brees? No. Is he ever going to be better? I believe so in a few years or so, but we'll have to wait and see. The only position on offense I believe we have a CLEAR advantage is Running Back. Reason is we are a run first team where the Saints are a pass happy team. I'm not saying the Saints can't run the ball, just saying thats the offenses personality. We like to pound the ball and Saints like the flashy plays. Every other skill position on offense the Saints have us beat. Not saying they are WAAAAAAY better than us like these all of you Saints homers are saying. These teams are more alike than you think. We are just younger and not as experienced. That was just my opinion. Forgot to mention tight ends. Falcons hold the edge esp now with Shockey out of the picture. How can i forget about Tony G
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