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  1. Yes and now that the Angel Winged Vick is finally elligible to play the MENTAL MIDGET opened up his mouth and said "I thought I would be on a team starting". Are you serious. Give it time, the Raiders will want you soon
  2. I will echo the emotions of the previous posts. The ****** Pretty ****** Patriots need to be knocked off the muffinfluffer high horse they ride in on. Lets watch Bill Bilicheat chock himself on his hoody
  3. Man I am so glad to have this site, this avenue to discuss MY FAVORITE FOOTBALL TEAM. We are going to smoke the Patriots this Sunday. With Welker ?, and Moss' back is hurting and they have no running game and a wek D, it is looking like a 3-0 start. Here's to Lovin' the Birds not just Sunday but everyday
  4. It is going to be real good getting this W over Brady and the boys. 3-0 with the bye then at the 9'ers
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