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  1. I'm going to atl vs car, Roddy whites ring of honor game. Prices are already higher than other games, not by much though. Im not so worried about price (within reason) but all the sites didn't have a very good range of seating options? Or maybe it's just that there are only a few tix in my price range so it feels like a limited selection. There is also the nz exchange rate to consider which makes everything seem more pricey. It's probably a once in a lifetime opportunity for me so wanting to make sure I choose well.
  2. One last question for everyone, should I be buying my tickets now or later? I've had a look on stubhub etc and all prices are pretty similar but there aren't that many available. Will more be available later or should I secure the tix now just for peace of mind?
  3. Thanks so much for all the advice and messages in this thread and in my PMs. I've been a lurker here for almost 10 years and never posted or participated in discussion. Most if not all of my questions have been answered and I have found accommodation. I think it's time to bit the bullet and buy the tickets, can't risk missing out on good tix. You (we?) have a great and very helpful community here Really cool to see.
  4. Great thanks, I'm thinking we are going to get an AirBnB in midtown or Atlantic Station. This is what I had narrowed down to after my own research. Thanks to Slumerican for the Highland Inn suggestion too.
  5. One game is/was televised per week in NZ saw Mike Vick was tearing it up so was televised most weeks. Had a friend at school who loved the Broncos and another who loved the raiders (more questions there i suppose) and we all liked Basketball/NBA so we enjoyed American sports in general. Bought Madden '04 because it had Vick on the cover and played as the Falcons. Started playing fantasy football and picking against spreads each week, throwing the football around during lunch break. Eventually 10 or so of us were obsessed fans of the NFL in general, playing madden, FF and making picks each week. Have friends who support Broncos, Raiders, Eagles, Colts, Cowboys etc. Safe to say attending this game has been a long time coming. We have nothing like it in NZ. I'm really looking forward to it.
  6. I suppose that's why I'm asking! If we have to pay, we have to pay. We will be just off a long haul flight+connection so might be worth forking out! Will mean I can't spring for the Club Seats
  7. Great! Looking into all of that. I'm thinking 100 section so I can see and hear more of the up close action rather than 200 or 300 section which would be better toview plays and the "X's and O's". The screen in the Benz makes up for that i'd imagine!
  8. Hi Everyone, Hope it is ok to post this in this board. I already tried posting in "Dome Field Advantage" but that doesn't seem to be active since the Falcons moved out of the Dome! Anyway. After many years supporting the falcons from about as far away as you can possibly get (Christchurch, New Zealand), I am making the trip to a game. This is my first time to the states and first sporting event outside of NZ so I'm unsure of how a number of things work in the US. 1) Where do you buy tickets. StubHub, SeatGeek and NFL ticket exchange all seem to have pros and cons. Which is you preferred and why? 2) What should the Gameday experience be? Tailgating? arrive early and tour the stadium? Stadium Tour? Stadiums in NZ are not on the scale of the Benz and Tailgating is not in our sporting culture at all. Bonus) If anyone can give any accommodation recommendations (they seem very expensive) I would really appreciate it! Thanks, Lachie.
  9. I am a Falcons fan from Christchurch, New Zealand. I have been following the team for about 15 years but have never made it to the US. My GF and I are going to be in the States this December. Starting in New Orleans (we both like Jazz so this stop is a conflict of interest for me!) and driving north to NYC over the month we are there. Unfortunately, when we booked our trip, the schedule had not been released. As it turns out we were banking on week 15 being a home game (we are in ATL that weekend), the only other (regular season) home game we can possibly attend is Week 16 vs JAX on 12/22. But that will mean fly-in-fly-out gameday from NYC. All ending up being a pretty expensive exercise. So my questions are; 1) Should I buy tickets now or are they likely to get cheaper closer to the time, days before the game? Do any season ticket holders have any advice or willing to exchange? 2) I'm happy just to attend a falcons game and to be at the stadium. Are there any large issues with the cheaper seating areas? 3) What Falcons related things CAN we do if we visit when no games are on i.e. stadium tour? What is a good place to watch away games from? Other tourist recommendations? 4) THE MIRACLE: Is anyone from the Falcons PR team lurking here that wants to do a feature about some guy traveling all the way from NZ to watch a falcons game but screwing up the dates?!!? Thanks in advance.