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  1. I'd go with that sentiment with all of our additions this off season. It just seems that the staff have a very specific profile/vision for each player and position/role as appose to getting players and hoping they can adapt to the scheme.
  2. Guys we signed him to a 1 year contract.. at least give the guy time to fail before judging him. New scheme and one in which he played well in. At the very least he can help the others learn the nuances of the new system. He may or may not be the answer but he can help the others get closer to being it.
  3. Shanahan has a has a history of starting rookie RB's and giving them a heavy workload
  4. Yeah I think that's fair. I'm not his greatest fan as a receiver but for this season he has value as a returner and 4/5th WR slot. We're not in any cap trouble so no harm with keeping him IMO. Next season is a whole different issue. I really hope Hardy nails down that slot position.
  5. Something along the lines of "you gonna run this season, stop eating". Smith towards the end of his tenure seemed obsessed with stronger and bigger... Some of the players seemed to take the 'bigger' thing to heart. Just idle speculation on my part
  6. Yeah people who say you shouldn't be paying a return guy that type of money are really underestimating the value he holds for a ST coach. A lot easier to set if you know which direction the other team is punting setting aside if he actually returns the thing. Football is not just offence and D. I think that's another thing that Quinn will bring with him... The importance of ST as Seattle play a lot of their superstars on that unit
  7. I think he'll stick simply because his cap number isn't restrictive and he does shift field position simply by reputation. He does have a battle for that slot position though as I think the lack of an ideal TE will force us to run more from 11 personal so a slot receiver that can block adds more value to the position. Blocking is suppose to be a strength of both Hank and Hardy
  8. Yeah, this for me is the most interesting group. I personally think that Holmes is more likely of the two... Looks like he serious this season. Maybe kicked inside to RG?
  9. That's what I was trying to drive home except you've done in a much clearer way. Let's just hope Collins has Shermans drive to be great because we know he's going to get great coaching
  10. So were training me for any abuse I may encounter in the future on these boards. I had no idea. In that case, Thank you!
  11. It was a non opinion. There was really no need to comment apart from wanting to get a reaction. Which you did... But it's okay, I'm fairly new to these boards so I suppose now I know what to expect from some. Hopefully we can have share some actual opinions about our Falcons in the future. Maybe this just wasn't the topic for you
  12. I was just trying to start a discussion on pure potential for the kind of corner we know Dan Quinn likes. Long and fast and then go from there. Should of made it more clear. Sorry guys. I didn't think the post deserved ridicule from some though. Like I said maybe lazy typing from me
  13. Yeah Sherman was a receiver wasn't he?.. Yeah good point. Nobody wants another Chris Houston around these parts
  14. Now I'm not saying that he's better then Sherman, Maxwell etc but in terms of raw attributes to work with is he the best? Quinn love's fast CB with length we all know this. However the one 'knock' on these guys is agility and hip stiffness. Now Jalen completed the 3 cone in 6.77 which is exceptional especially given the fact he's 6"2 200lbs. Again I'm not saying he's better or ever will be but in terms of a raw skill set to mold, is he the best?
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