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  1. And like I said obviously you don't know football. Name me one playmaker on our offense other than T. Gonzalez
  2. really how dumb is it? Who do we have? Obviously you don't know football or you would see the truth. Everybody wants to rag on the defense, but how efficient is the offense? Not very efficient. I hate to say it but Matt Ryan looks to be turning into Joey Harrington. Lesson 1: Never annoint a player the savior of your team after 1 year which is what the Falcons did. Redman has been better than Ryan. Without Turner I might add.
  3. Now that I mentioned it, just bring Reeves back while were at it. Make up for how we wronged him and ran him out for Mora. I would like to personally apologize to Mr. Reeves on behalf of Arthur Blank and the fans. We were wrong. And oh yeah Chris Houston sucks, please stop denying that fact
  4. This team has no real playmakers, someone who can make something outta nothing. Make a trade for Vick and u will have a playmaker and a QB. He is quickly getting back into football shape. And he is becoming more of a student of the game under Reid as he was under Reeves, which was all he was missing from his game a la Vince Young. And oh yeah, he is determined to prove himself now. Look at the facts and not ur emotions. Vick now would deserve some serious consideration
  5. the bears actually wear blue and theyll be wearing white that night anyway cause theyre away
  6. dude...keep ur college football stats (from last year I might add) in college football
  7. Didn't know that. Where did you hear it? Will the Saints game be on Primetime tv?
  8. How about everybody, including players, wearing black a la UGA vs. Auburn and Alabama to the Sunday night game on 10/18 against the Bears? What do you say?
  9. Lets blackout the Dome on Sun. Oct. 18 vs Chicago. Wear ur black Falcons gear (most important: black shirts). Pass it on!!!
  10. Dude r u serious? JA98 sucks. He never makes a play and he makes it harder for everybody else. I have more sacks than the guy. The other linemen make plays fairly consistently. He cant play DE or tackle. Cut our losses and cut him NOW!!!
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