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  1. I see the same thing in his play. Do you have a link for the video?
  2. This ^^^^ I wish i could like your posts Larry, i appreciate them more than you know because of your balanced view. A view that many young people could learn a great deal from...
  3. Man I couldn't have stated it better than this. Matt has to go through a new offence or adjust to a new coordinator every 2 to 3 years, it's that simple. One of Matt's greatest strengths is is football IQ, once he really learns something, watch out. All this Matt isn't great, Matt sucks, Matt this, Matt that, seriously? It's not only Matt that has to adjust either, it's every other offensive player that takes the field has to adjust to a new offense or coordinator every time they change. Am I happy with the way the offense has played this year? No not at all, too many mistakes in execution, and too many dropped passes, also too many lapses in concentration. When you take your fan emotions out of it and think about it as a job, if you had a mandatory change to your entire work processes every 2 years, how long would it take you to adjust? People just don't want to be patient and I get why, we all want our team to win it all, but when you have changes those changes take time to assimilate, it's that simple really. I think the same thing is happening this year on offense that happened Shanahan's first year, and no I don't think that Sark is the same level as Shanahan (yet, maybe never, but that has yet to be determined). Sark has a learning curve to, and once they all finally get on the same page I think we will have a really good offense again (maybe never historically great again, but really really good). One last thing, everyone here may hate Brees (I don't like him, he's an Aint), but what has he had the entire time he's been in NO? Sean Payton and his offense every year, year after year after year.... People it's a continuity thing. Now the bright side is (and it's not great yet), the defense continues to get better every year and if that trend continues and the offense can assimilated by all, then we may just have that dynasty come to fruition that everyone here really wants. That all remains to be seen, but the bottom line is have a little patients and have some faith in Matt Ryan, he's earned it I feel (so many other organisations would love to have a Matt Ryan, never forget what it was like to have guys like Bobby Hebert under center or Jeff George's).
  4. Oh How i miss Emmit's prognostifications!!!