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  1. Congrats to Matt Ryan! Amazing accomplishment and I personally look forward to all the other records he will set for this franchise. The best QB we will ever witness playing for our favorite NFL franchise!
  2. Agree with all of this. I know everyone is upset, I am too, however they aren't a finished product yet. I want to see what they become and just want to be entertained (and of course see my team win a super bowl). I'll just wait and see what we actually have.
  3. Thank you! This so much... Also anyone think the Browns aren't learning how to win now that they are 7-7-1? You think they want to tank for that high draft pick again? No, you don't tank, you play to win the game period.
  4. This ^^^^ I wish i could like your posts Larry, i appreciate them more than you know because of your balanced view. A view that many young people could learn a great deal from...
  5. Man I couldn't have stated it better than this. Matt has to go through a new offence or adjust to a new coordinator every 2 to 3 years, it's that simple. One of Matt's greatest strengths is is football IQ, once he really learns something, watch out. All this Matt isn't great, Matt sucks, Matt this, Matt that, seriously? It's not only Matt that has to adjust either, it's every other offensive player that takes the field has to adjust to a new offense or coordinator every time they change. Am I happy with the way the offense has played this year? No not at all, too many mista
  6. Oh How i miss Emmit's prognostifications!!!
  7. That the thing @MSalmon , seems the favorite teams always get the benefit of the doubt. Like NE, they have a terrible defense right now, but they don't talk about that, they talk about how great TB is, that's it. For the Falcons though, everything they do has an asterisk, or a "yeah but" attached to it, as if the team didn't do anything to win the game, it's the refs or luck or some other such BS. Sick of it really.
  8. The problem with the media is they want to put an asterisk by everything the Falcons do, every win is a "yeah but." The key is everything after the "but" is what they really think. It's fine, we don't need them, this team is well coached, mentally tough and very tight. That's the right combination, as every team in the NFL has talented players (the gap isn't as big as people make out), which is why you have "any given sunday." The problem is "every given sunday" thus far the Falcons have made the plays to win games and it doesn't fit the "hangover" narrative, while also n
  9. Right, it's two totally different defenses that a RB will face vs. what a QB will face on say 3rd down then they are attempting to pass, and just take the rushing yards instead.
  10. We should separate out QB rushing attempts from RB rushing attempts, as those are two different types of plays. Not saying the difference would be drastic, but that combined with a few outlier rushing attempts (that one Tarik Cohen run) and I bet it paints a different picture. Anyone wanting to hang their hat on our rush defense sucks so Atlanta will be easy to beat, go right ahead, you'll learn the truth.
  11. Oh and Cowturd doesn't know anything about anything, especially sports in general and football in specific.
  12. I ignore cowherd, that's easy. The guy on the left I don't recognize, but this "it's Atlanta" stuff is a crock. They don't say that stuff about any other Football team, not even Cleveland, it's crap. Greg Jennings, what do you expect him to say? He's a hater, and has been since he played for the fudge packers. Whitworth is the only one trying to be rational about the whole thing. Also anyone that says that Atlanta is a choker franchise in the same breath saying that Andy Reid is a better coach is full of crap, his teams have choked more times in the NFCC and SB than an
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