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  1. Congrats to Matt Ryan! Amazing accomplishment and I personally look forward to all the other records he will set for this franchise. The best QB we will ever witness playing for our favorite NFL franchise!
  2. Agree with all of this. I know everyone is upset, I am too, however they aren't a finished product yet. I want to see what they become and just want to be entertained (and of course see my team win a super bowl). I'll just wait and see what we actually have.
  3. Bumb to the sheer awesomeness that is Emmitt!!!!
  4. Emmitt!!!!! Ahh the season is here now. Always love the prognosgivicationisms.... Ditto on the cal toting newb rearing it's ugly head, they just don't get it.... 3 cheers for Emmitt!
  5. Toby Gonzoles can't sneak nothing past this sophfristicated mind.
  6. Look idiot they both ran into each other period, no matter how you want to spin it they did. Your really sad if all your free time is spent trolling another team's fan board, really really sad. Your team won, be happy and respectful about it or go somewhere else. IDC what a homer thinks, no one else here does either. Enjoy the win, but your team's season will end in misery.... again.
  7. Couldn't agree more swift. If this is the "great" saints team? I'm not impressed. I know calls go either way a lot of times. However anyone that couldn't see the home cooking going on there is blind. Saint fan will tell you Roddy interfered with their DB on the long TD pass, however they fail to realize this was incidental contact on BOTH PLAYERS. The phantom defensive holding on the 3rd down play was bogus, anyone who says otherwise is a damned liar. Roddy in the endzone on the overturned TD (refs got that right at least) why did the official not call illegal contact/PI there? The saints DB f
  8. I'll say this once, the game is over, your team won GO BACK TO YOUR BOARDS! Losers like you with no life that have to be on another teams boards after the game has been played are PATHETIC. Your team didn't play a "bad" game. Same crap your fans always say, sheesh does it kill you to think that the other team is pretty good and can hang with your team? Yep your a moronic homer, go back to your OWN BOARDS.
  9. Good post Peyton. Ignore the idiotic saint troll, you know no saint fan has ever been anywhere close to the realm of fact.
  10. You are taking it and your team to seriously. Have a reality check on me and grow up.
  11. Actually Mark Bradley is the only one of at the AJC that's been writing good Falcons articles. He's the only one that doesn't go all kneejerk reaction that the falcons stink.
  12. I would like to humbly opolojize for my work last week. I now must admit that I have a drinking problems. I have been in theropy for the last few hour and feel that I am past that juncture in my lifes. I am now a recovered alkaseltzer. Again, if I offended anyone, please accepts my sin sears apollo creed. Made me It like a gerbal in Spam factory - He's what for dinner, so to speak. But the Falcon D got to look for Bobby Romo to feel the heat late in the game and make some type of mistake never before seen. He a master of this ploy, but it seldom work for him. He is per her assistant cause
  13. Dago, I have said several times your team is a good team. But your looking in the wrong place for praise. Good team, but the season is still young for both our teams.
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