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  1. How is it possible to not have a good camera angle where you can actually clearly see the ball. Falcons fault for lighting/endzone coloring?
  2. Or, maybe Ryan soured on winning with Julio. He’s often hurt with at least nagging injuries, doesn’t seem to be all in as a team player in recent years (i.e. always skipping OTAs, contract complaints), and has been just average at best in the redzone through his career. 😂 I’m almost glad a divorce is coming so each player has an opportunity to prove their real worth independent of each other.
  3. Reaching for a DE at some point would have been my warning sign for a needs driven draft. Huge team need but the value just wasn’t there early on.
  4. There is no current, former, or future QB that could have went far with last years team and coaching. We’ll find out this year exactly how much was attributable to the players vs the coaching. Ryan is a future HOFer and plenty good to win a Super Bowl. In many ways, building for the future and restocking are best accomplished the same way...building up the team outside of the QB position. No need to drop a rookie QB into a terrible team. Pitts makes us a better team instead of a QB change for the sake of change that doesn’t improve the team. Only valid reason I can see for maybe moving on from Matt right now is if you purposely wanted a few years of terrible QB play for better picks to better build a better team outside of the QB position, but that also builds a losing culture. I certainly think it would have been a terrible idea to burn a top 4 pick on a QB that’s anything less than a surefire generational talent to just move on from Matt with all the holes on this team.
  5. Offense is good enough, especially if the new system improves Oline play and the rushing attack. Defensive improvements and Pees’ ability to do more with less will ultimately determine the team’s real ceiling.
  6. I’m sure if someone really crunches the statistical numbers, our best statistical bet for getting a Super Bowl over the next five years at this point probably still resides with building around the hall of fame QB already on the roster. Not opposed to them taking a QB, but they better be sold on the one they take being at minimum the 2nd best QB in the draft. I’m trusting that they really go BPA like they claim they will and not reach. Go get us a HOFer at any position.
  7. I know it’s not Madden and know they probably wouldn’t do it, but I’d try to trade #4 to Washington for Chase Young straight up... only two picks after where he was picked in his draft and now down one year of the valuable rookie deal (but also now NFL proven). If not that, then rob them of picks for years while maybe trying to steal some of the other D-line talent off their roster.
  8. I’m surprised that the WR position comes in second in the metric and wonder how they truly separate a WR’s or TE’s performance from the QB performance, when the QB’s impact is obviously by far the most significant. In my mind and generally speaking, an elite WR can’t perform without a decent QB, but an elite QB can still perform at a high level with sub par receivers. Falcons might be a case study on how this is a stupid stat... weak running game and bad defensive line (lowest WARs) and the strength of the team has been QB/WR.
  9. I do think the picks were probably at least as much about “please take Goff’s contract” than they were about targeting Stafford.
  10. I’m thinking that Tom Brady’s absolute worst defense from any of his Super Bowl trips probably far exceeds anything Matt has ever had at his disposal through his career. Despite this, Matt has played well enough to win 2 if not for coaching, which is unfortunate for him. I would love a scenario where Matt could throw 3 INTs or otherwise have anything less than a stellar game and still win, but that just hasn’t been the case.
  11. TD was a good GM that just never could seem to draft the trenches as well as he did the the skill positions. ... that said, based on the talent he put on the field during his tenure, we should have had at least two titles to show for it if not for coaching.
  12. I think all of Julio’s is he in or is he out stuff (combined with the times held out of practice/ camp/ pre-season) probably keeps the offense out of rhythm in many games.
  13. I do wonder if Julio’s on and off again stuff hurts the overall flow of the offense... kind of like how everyone knows that inconsistency along an O-line due to varied lineups can cause serious issues. Whether missing games or just a series of plays within a game due to nagging injuries, it seems to be a theme for Julio.
  14. Notice the probability dropping? I think it’s because we continue to defy the odds! This game had to be a 99%+ win percentage prior to the other collapses since the only way you lose is accidentally scoring a TD.
  15. As soon as we lined up outside of victory formation, told my wife EXACTLY what would happen.
  16. Seems that we were cursed after the 1996 Olympics.
  17. I am so tired of Georgia sports... always a crucial improbable choke moment in every big game it seems and those of us who have seen enough of them know the game is completely lost despite the odds still being in your favor at that moment. The whole NL record of teams up 3-1 being 28-3 ahead of tonight is just more salt in the wound.
  18. I sort of want Ryan traded but only because I would like to see him get away from this fan base and to have another chance at a Super Bowl. Julio on the other hand, wish we hadn’t paid that kind of money for an aging receiver even if he is one of the best to ever play. The position itself is just not worth that kind of money, not a slight on Julio.
  19. They are still a Georgia based sports team, so I would suggest preparing yourself for disappointment at some point. They and UGA certainly have the most positive outlooks at the moment, but you must never underestimate the ability for Georgia based teams to lose somehow in a completely heartbreaking fashion despite all odds. I mean despite having never even won the division, the Marlins are sitting pretty with two World Series titles vs the Braves 1 title despite how many division wins, World Series appearances, etc since the early 90’s.
  20. You just can’t pay 22 million/year for a WR even if they are the best in the league.... the position itself is simply not worth that much no matter how good the player is. WR is the new RB in value. Of course it also doesn’t help that they are aging and have continual nagging injuries.
  21. Julio at $22/million a year for a WR is a bigger issue for the team than Ryan at $30/million. Realistically, they are both here for a few more years just due to the contracts and we will win enough garbage games this year to be out of the running for the top shelf QBs anyway (unless Ryan gets injured).
  22. The real Falcons way would be to get an impressive against the odds win against the Chiefs in a meaningless game after already eliminated from the playoffs. That win followed by a win against the Bucs the following week would in turn somehow move our draft pick back 15 spots and perhaps even build so much incredible momentum into the new season that the coaching staff survives again against all odds.
  23. Maybe he and Julio are both ready to see Quinn gone. Julio just stayed in the locker room and Ryan purposely throwing lame ducks.
  24. As long as the trade is Julio for Belichick, I’m down!
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