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  1. It was plenty crowded when everyone was exiting at the end. Crowd flow is still much worse than any experience I ever had in the dome. Also, being on the aisle and having had to stand up to let others from the middle of the row out like 100 times yesterday, that might be another reason the stadium was seemingly not full. Some were leaving out for bathroom trips, etc in the final 2 minutes while we were driving. I don't even know why they were at the game in the first place.
  2. Different viewpoints/free speech/etc shouldn't necessarily give you a free license to exercise those rights within your work environment. If fans want to take a knee during the anthem, since they are on their own free time and are paying customers, then absolutely they should be able to go for it under free speech (bad taste / appropriateness can then be debated ad nauseum). The players on the other hand are at work. If the NFL issues a rule (which they have not) that players should stand during the anthem to better preserve the NFL brand, then every player should be standing without any hesitation. Beyond that, I think the mechanism chosen to illustrate the movement's point (kneeling during the anthem) was very poorly chosen, but was perhaps a deliberate attempt to draw maximum controversy and attention. The NFL brand is hurting now because they allowed the brand itself to seemingly tip toe into a very divided political spectrum and they probably should have made a more concerted effort to at least remain perceived as neutral.
  3. Was the crowd flow much improved for the Packers game?
  4. How about a positive: I think Robert Alford looked great!
  5. Until we suffer a severe regression, Quinn gets every benefit of the doubt in my book. This team has had an unbelievable run of drafting and developing talent since his arrival.
  6. I agree about the social media content being a waste of space. The board also certainly does have some dominating moments where it flashes much brighter than the actual stadium lighting. My biggest issue currently is the lack of a full scoreboard with down/distance/qtr/clock/score somewhere near the endzone areas. From the upper end zone, I feel completely disconnected from situational football, with 1st downs and 3rd downs seeming the same at times and I found myself losing track of distance. Even with the wider concourses, there were still some serious congestion points on the way to the seats, mostly where vendor lines stretched into the pedestrian flow or where the usual morons stopped that think it's ok to stop and carry on a conversation in the dead middle of the main flow.
  7. No issues for me yet, but I'm IOS. Some people on the Season Ticket holder facebook page are reporting issues on Android.
  8. Did you find an extra yet?
  9. Did you find an extra ticket?
  10. My issue "The outlet, citing NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, said the running back wants a deal in the "double digits" per year." RBs don't get double digits per year.
  11. I would say that there will always be an ample supply of people willing to trade risk & health for money (and in the case of the NFL, millions of dollars). This is common in many professions outside of the NFL. The money rewards the willingness to take a risk.
  12. It just showed up on mine too. I'll probably still get it, but it stinks that the $166 price is up so much over the $75 rate last year, while offering no phone entry and no pre-printed passes. Oh well, that's how it goes...
  13. Boo... I--Deck is gone this year... now debating on whether or not to buy a pass or just pay as I go... If all of the north side options are $20+ a game, I see little value over just selecting a random lot in the area upon arrival.
  14. Not seeing the I deck... will that be showing up later or is it a no go this year?
  15. Matt will be fair (at or close to market) without trying to shatter the bank... just like last time.