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  1. No issues for me yet, but I'm IOS. Some people on the Season Ticket holder facebook page are reporting issues on Android.
  2. Did you find an extra yet?
  3. Did you find an extra ticket?
  4. My issue "The outlet, citing NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, said the running back wants a deal in the "double digits" per year." RBs don't get double digits per year.
  5. I would say that there will always be an ample supply of people willing to trade risk & health for money (and in the case of the NFL, millions of dollars). This is common in many professions outside of the NFL. The money rewards the willingness to take a risk.
  6. It just showed up on mine too. I'll probably still get it, but it stinks that the $166 price is up so much over the $75 rate last year, while offering no phone entry and no pre-printed passes. Oh well, that's how it goes...
  7. Boo... I--Deck is gone this year... now debating on whether or not to buy a pass or just pay as I go... If all of the north side options are $20+ a game, I see little value over just selecting a random lot in the area upon arrival.
  8. Not seeing the I deck... will that be showing up later or is it a no go this year?
  9. Matt will be fair (at or close to market) without trying to shatter the bank... just like last time.
  10. Without Vick, there would be no Matt Ryan, who is well on track to be the greatest player in Falcons history. ...just saying.
  11. I would passionately follow them while Ryan/Julio finish out their careers, but then would move to (hopefully) a replacement ATL team. No replacement team? Then my interest in the NFL would slowly fade. I love ATL teams and individual players. The Faclons have both. I followed Shaq through every one of his stops in the NBA, but after he retired, my interest waned. I go to a few Hawks games each year and watch them in the playoffs, but admittedly not at the same level that I followed Shaq.
  12. I'm fine with the current design, but would like to move the black helmet/jersey combo into the main rotation.
  13. I don't normally watch NASCAR, but with homegrown Chase Elliott on the pole for the Daytona 500, we actually watched the entire race yesterday. He was very successful for a large portion of the race and was in a commanding position at the end of the race with like 3 laps to go. ... then... he ran out of gas. in the end... just more painful Super Bowl memories.
  14. Or is he? Maybe they had zero confidence in him actually picking up that yard? I think they call a run 9 times out of 10 in the same scenario if Coleman isn't hurt. Now, why we didn't at least call a quick pass, perhaps to Freeman, instead of a 5 step drop deep pass... I don't know that part.
  15. If he wants top 3-4 money, make him play out his contract and earn it. The we can make our decision next year. Even if he walks, we get comp picks (assuming we make no big FA splashes)..