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  1. Free goes looking for contact, even when it's completely unnecessary. I don't think that doing that game after game will translate into a long NFL career.
  2. I would rather have Teco than Freeman myself. I think Freeman is a few concussions away from a severe drop in production.
  3. We paid the premium for Trufant, but I think Alford was the better corner last year at a much better price.
  4. For every Superbowl won by QBs falling in a non-top tier price range, there are 9+ won by top tier QBs or mid tier QBs paid like top tier.. Nick Foles has also had stretches in his career playing like a mid to top tier QB while in an Eagles uniform... think Eli Manning or Joe Flacco.
  5. Agreed. The fault of the defense last year was specifically in the 4th quarter. There were just no more clutch plays to be found. They obviously played great up to that point, as evidenced by holding them to 3 points along with the big pick 6.
  6. Trade Freeman and extend Coleman... Freeman's missed block last year cost us the Super Bowl... Freeman playing hurt (and being completely ineffective) may have cost us the same this year.
  7. Yep, their D stepped up at the end... ours by comparison was just complete gassed and nowhere to be found in the 4th quarter. I'm more salty about the fact we should have been in this game (our offense can't put up more than 15 points???) than last year's Super Bowl at this point.
  8. I'm less concerned about how long and more concerned about in how many areas will a large crowd get stuck together, shoulder to shoulder, front to back, with no where to go and all movement dropping to a snail's pace.
  9. Not only did Alford have a solid season (IMHO, our best CB this year), he also had a pick 6 in the Super Bowl AFTER signing his contract. What more production do you want from him?
  10. ... and the extra 3 million a year you're squabbling over as a "team-breaking" deal buys you what? Would you pick up a WR4, backup QB, or rotational d-line player? Framed another way, would you make a trade that involved sending Matt Ryan to the Redskins for Alex Smith + a rotational player... no way. I just don't think we are talking about the kind of marginal difference in money that we should consider risking losing a player who may soon be seen as the BEST QB in the NFL (A. Rogers is now injury prone IMHO, the young guns are unproven, and the other candidates are just old).
  11. Ryan will get his market value or just slightly below (if allowing for a team "friendly" deal) without a doubt. If $135 over 5 years is what Stafford got last year, then I think $145 over 5 years give or take 5 mil sounds about right to me . I'm just glad that money buys us a top 3 QB over the course of the contract instead of just a top 10 QB. That's my QB.
  12. I dislike the Eagles and their fan base more than the Patriots, so go Pats. Doesn't mean I like the matchup.
  13. As bad as the play calling was, if we had Julio "Endzone" Jones, he would have caught that last gasp jump ball, provided the necessary toe tap and sent us on to Minnesota. Unfortunately, we just have Julio "No Endzone" Jones.
  14. One is master everywhere outside of the endzone and the other is more balanced on the whole field but is an off-field diva.
  15. I do wonder if Vic's move to LB was more about a void at LB and less about anyone really thinking that was where he would have maximum individual impact? He may have been the best option of a bunch of less than perfect options at the LB spot, where maybe Quinn felt we had a little more flexibility at DE and it was better to have a more balanced defense at all 3 levels than a stand-out defensive line and weakness in the second level.