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  1. I may not be that optimistic.... ...no major doubts about the quality and potential of the team, but rather the likelihood of a 16 game season.
  2. It was a great and very low risk move for this season with huge upside, but if he does have a breakout year this season, what do you do next season and going forward? When was the last time that paying top of market $$$ for a RB really proved to be a positive for a team? Too low and he gets pissed and walks because he’s undervalued by the team or too high and you handicap the team going forward. Maybe he would go for an incentive laden contract but who knows. Can’t set the market at QB, WR, and RB, with high paid WRs and RBs both seemingly having low return on investment historically (and that’s no knock on Julio... he earns his money and is the best In the league at what he does, just a knock on relative positional value).
  3. I think paying an Elite WR (I mean among the best EVER) top of market money is a much more handicapping factor than paying a Great to Elite QB at the top of market. While having a great QB on a bargain basement deal always sounds great, it’s lightning in a bottle based on Rookie contracts that can’t be sustained for long. Just look at how many QBs have came into the league since Ryan... -How many are really better... I know of a ton that have been anointed as better along the way, but most of those have since fallen by the wayside -What kind of draft pick was required / how many drafts traded away to get it / how many losing seasons endured -what happens after said elite QB hits the first non-rookie deal... let them walk? KC is about to break the bank in half beyond anything we could fathom for Ryan. - How many years have been wasted by teams looking for the savior QB? I for one would prefer a decade of “we have a chance” over a decade where every 3rd year you’re tanking for a draft pick because you didn’t hit on your last QB prospect.
  4. I still like the sound of it... two underperforming former first round DEs in the final year of their rookie contracts have to battle it out for who might actually get a decent extension from us or another team vs being left for inclusion in the garbage heap of 1st round busts.
  5. Kind of like Jarrett and Beasley, except for the gap in where they were drafted being WAY bigger.
  6. Rogers also has an injury history that’s not been an issue with Ryan (knock on wood).
  7. ...and for everyone talking about using the mock drafts to gauge a reach... the Raiders GM used to put out one of the most respected mocks and now he reached way more than us for a CB.
  8. At least the Eagles didn’t get Lamb... they should have traded with us!
  9. That’s a double edged sword. You don’t want to overpay to keep your own if proven but overrated (e.g. Freeman, Trufant). Hopper has proven he’s effective when the defense is laser focused on neutralizing bigger threats but how would he fare if he was the threat himself and the defense targeted their gameplan against him like other real top of the NFL TEs? I think his production can be replaced all while maybe upgrading run blocking.
  10. I’m just not completely sold on his ability to be a player that other teams must game plan around. Rather, I feel like he is often the “let’s make this guy beat us” player. He just doesn’t strike me as a Kittle/Gronk/Kelce that can completely wreck a game. For this reason, I think we’re at a huge risk of over paying for a 25 year old 2 time pro bower who is most likely looking for top of market TE money. If they can get him to sign a reasonable contract for a solid TE, then great. Otherwise, go throw that money at a pass rusher.
  11. I would love to see what Ryan could do with the niners defense and running game.
  12. I think the old thing around here is probably back as the new thing.... “must draft a mobile QB to replace Ryan” LOL
  13. Unless we have a TE that opposing teams must gameplan around, I don’t see the point in spending top of market money on a TE when we already have so much invested at WR and QB. I don’t think Hooper puts fear in opposing teams, but rather he is the guy that they want to catch the ball on our team instead of our WRs.
  14. A pocket passer with mobility is not a bad thing. I think of Wilson, Rogers and Mahomes in this category. Even Ryan has seemingly worked a lot to improve his mobility over his career. In my opinion a running QB, will have roughly the same shelf life as a RB... just long enough to outplay the rookie deal, but not long enough to justify that first big extension. Better get that Super Bowl during that short window if you go that route.
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