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  1. What is the down and distance? If it’s 3rd down with the 1st at the opponent’s 45 then Vick isn’t making that one running despite the huge hole.
  2. I seem to remember reading somewhere that leading up to him being drafted they tried to bait him into throwing his sub-par college receivers under the bus for something that was their fault, but instead he took the blame in the scenario and said he had to play better himself. Just one more reason they drafted him in the first place. Who knows what he does behind closed doors, but will definitely always take the blame himself publicly.
  3. I do know if he played in Atlanta, fans would be calling to have him benched and we would still have 0 Super Bowls.
  4. Say what you want about Ryan, but if nothing else most everyone should at least agree that he has ELITE durability. Certainly hope that whomever replaces him in the (likely distant) future can replicate, though that seems less likely with mobile QBs. I have no interest in watching a backup QB play for the majority of a failed season or have a “franchise” QB’s career burnout prematurely from injuries.
  5. Certainly better than many games this year, but take away a few drops from Saints receivers and the effort doesn’t look nearly as good.
  6. Trade Ryan to Belichick or Shanahan and let him get a Super Bowl. Our fickle fanbase deserves top 5 draft picks every year and revolving turnstiles at HC and QB, not wasting away the final years of a HOF QB.
  7. At least some thought was put into this post, not just the typical “Matt sucks” garbage.
  8. Can we please get a consolidated thread on Matt again. I’m tired of reading 15 different lazy threads essentially saying “Matt sucks” with absolutely no higher level analysis or thought.
  9. Matt deserves better. I wish we could trade him to the Pats where Belichick could keep winning Super Bowls post-Brady. He doesn’t need a young QB anyway (too old himself), just younger. Half of Falcons fans deserve better than the product on the field and the other half deserve top 5 picks every single year with turnstiles at both Coach and QB for the next two decades.
  10. Essentially untouched rushers to the QB on every play to end the game but that’s Matt’s fault.
  11. Lol, Matt having to throw the ball with defenders holding onto his legs
  12. ....but would he have won one in Atlanta? That’s the real comparison.
  13. I just don’t see a path to the playoffs. Basically it takes a top NFC team to finish out with only 1 more win (Saints and 49ers are best options). Wildcard spot is currently held by two 8 win teams that hold head to head tiebreakers against us.
  14. Could also mean that the players aren’t as bad as many assumed (and by extension, TD has provided adequate talent)
  15. And they caught the disease too... all GA teams eventually do.