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  1. Do the Saints have a replacement for Drew Brees... how about Tom Brady and the Pats (guess they did have one, oops).. I think Matt will be here longer than 90% of the current players on the roster. Finding his replacement is just not yet a bridge we need to go down or really even need to discuss at this point.
  2. The major parallel between the UGA loss and the Falcons loss, was a reluctance to ride the RB with the hot hand while continuing to plod forward with a totally ineffective RB based on reputation and prior performance.
  3. I sort of like Drew Brees, somewhat, much better than Cam at least... still want to see the Saints lose in a glorious and heartbreaking fashion.
  4. Guess no one told Sark that Julio lags behind all other big name WRs in TD catches? Might have been better looking for Sanu/Hooper/Hardy/RB out of the backfield/etc
  5. Ryan is the best thing this team has going for it.... so guess you might as well keep it moving and find a different team.
  6. OC, yes... he probably doesn't want to be a head coach again (so less risk in losing him... IMHO why we hired Sark in the first place) and is a proven NFL play caller familiar with our offense
  7. Anyone else kind of want the Patriots to just roll everyone now? I feel that would disappoint the maximum amount of people and misery loves company.
  8. Lost the Saints game on the butt catch and this one on the knee ball catch... That and them being hellbent on running Freeman when he was completely ineffective.
  9. Freeman averaging 0.7 yards per carry on 10 attempts... Coleman 7.7 per carry on 9 attempts.
  10. Is this really the best fullback we could find in the offseason?
  11. Falcons win it within the next 3 years. We have a solid chance this year if we play at 80% of potential.
  12. Every drought eventually ends. City of Cleveland was cursed... Red Sox and Cubs were cursed... etc... The Falcons have been and remain our best hope for a major championship as long as Matt Ryan is playing, IMHO.
  13. There's a lot of history too.... Like that Braves World Series where they went to New York and won the first two games, only to then get swept over the next 4, including 3 at home.
  14. Have we shown enough consistency this year to convenience any analyst that we are going to run the table? I think not. On paper, we have more talent than anyone and fortunately our play is improving with each game of late. We also have more playoff experience and our road to the Super Bowl is very winnable. It is consistency that has been lacking this year. If last year's offense was paired with this year's defense, then the analysts would be flocking to the Falcons.
  15. Outside of Matt and Julio, he is definitely the most irreplaceable player on that side of the ball.