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  1. Great pick. Excited to see this offense roll!
  2. Please! It’d be awesome to complete a thing with my Wife. We’ve made Reg Sunday game, Sunday Night game, and Monday Night. Have not done Thursday Night game tho! We are from Virginia but can Travel.
  3. Merry Christmas to all. Got the Boys some new gear for next season!
  4. Some of my best memories have been mentioned above. Other ones for me was sitting In Row 1 club level on the 50 for the Carolina game D Hall and S Smith went at it and all those penalties.(yea not a good memory but to witness that fight was amazing) 2nd one was the Game against Philly for Vicks Come back. The amount of love that stadium had when he came on the field still gives me chills. Worst memory had to be 07 Monday Night vs Giants It really felt like a home game for the Giants.
  5. Awesome! Thanks for the tip I was actually going to ask is it worth it. Is there a limit on the drinks or actually unlimited???
  6. Hey so besides no NFL Ticket how is the ship? Taking my first cruise in Jan with the Wife and we went with Oasis Of The Seas
  7. Exactly how I felt! Pictures and Videos give you an idea but to see it in real life is just Incredible! Intro was on point! So glad I made the trip from Virginia. Worth every penny.
  8. I sat in section 217 and didn't think it was to loud or annoying. Section I was in was pretty loud so maybe that took some effect away. I kinda dig the extra effect of the score.
  9. Yes! Coming from Virginia Beach for the Opener I was a little bummed that the roof wouldn't be open. That just adds to the excitement and this work week is going to go by slower!
  10. I was wondering the same thing on what to do around Omni Area. I've stayed at Westin before and always have just gone to Gibney's Pub and other bars around Peachtree Center. Any other Recommendations for Bars or meet ups for the game?
  11. I'll be coming from Virginia beach arriving Sat morning. (Read in your other post I'll be Staying at Omni as well) I jumped on tickets early. Maybe over priced but I wasn't going to miss the opener and gamble for tickets later. Im in Section 218 Row 1 and paid $405 a ticket.
  12. Yes I received mine electronically from ticket master from the seller for the Packers game
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