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  1. I wish him well. But I can't imagine working for Jerry Jones.
  2. The presence of trouble does not indicate the absence of God, for He is an ever present help in trouble. My prayer is that the peace of God will rule in your heart. My sincere condolences, Sir.................
  3. I am a fan of Brian Hill. Gurley at $5M for 1 yr is not a horrible move. This gives us a good tandem at RB, and TG doesn't have to carry the load. We also have Ollison, who showed us some power / goal line running last season True - the knee could be a problem before the end of the season, but again - not that much invested And yes - TG will sell tickets. I can live with this.
  4. " Will be interesting to see what Falcons do with all this ammo. Anyway, just doing a victory lap on this trade which costed (sic) us virtually nothing " One article I read about this mentioned that if NE doesn't resign Sanu, ATL might be interested in bringing him back. Thoughts................?
  5. Raheem Morris, anyone? I would support that hire. But, it's likely no one will ask my opinion...................
  6. Yep. On top of the dog house today. Underneath it tomorrow. I wish him well and 100% FGM. But yeah...........Philadelphia fans got nothing on us.......:-)
  7. RANK 5 11-7 FALCONS For all the Falcons fans who feel their team has been disrespected in this space, making the top five ain't too shabby, huh? Here's the deal: The Steelers have limited capital, several needs and a huge question mark at RB1. As for the Vikings, who's their quarterback? Atlanta, meanwhile, dusted the Rams -- in Los Angeles -- in the postseason. This will be Year 2 of Steve Sarkisian's offense, which should work out a helmetful* of kinks. (Though not the issue of all the free agents on the defensive line.)
  8. I'm willing to give him next season (as if my vote matters). Shanahan's first season was sketchy too. But red zone or not, the good and bad from Shanahan, IMO are these: - Good - 2016 - Ryan hit how many different targets over the season? The ball was spread around so much, the opposing D's couldn't be sure who might get the ball. You double team Julio, and SOMEbody was gonna be open. This year - not so much. 2017 play calling was pretty predictable I thought. - Bad - the decision to try and pass the ball at the end of the SB. Everyone knows the situation and that pounding
  9. - If he plays angry we need to knock him on his azz. - If he plays mopey, we need to knock him on his azz. That is all.
  10. Dan Quinn: Falcons need to get Julio Jones more touches RighsaidFred: Falcons need to finish games
  11. Charles Davis: "This looks like a Mike Smith team" And it did. Playing not to lose, rather than going for the jugular. Hopefully that changes.
  12. Or does Sarkesian seem fairly predictable so far......?
  13. Here, here! Off season humor...thanks for indulging the digs! #smartassedness
  14. For those who remember................. "Championship!"
  15. If she's willing to work her honeymoon around the Falcons - marry her NOW! Don't even wait....................
  16. I read that they were/are going to work Poole at Safety some, but only so that he could step in in case of an in game injury or such. But Poole is a CB on this team. I do love the way the staff thinks regarding depth......
  17. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/cap/ This is fairly current, since it shows Poe on the roster. I don't follow this stuff too closely, don't really know how they figure the cap, and I suck at math, so this could be off somewhere................ They have our cap space at $12,205,592.
  18. Yeah. JJ, TJ, ......... His cousin RJ, even his uncle OJ We'll take 'em all........:-)
  19. It actually was talked about a few weeks ago and summarily shot down pretty hard. OP wanted him for short yardage.
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