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  1. 8000 mile round trip is a long way to lose a football game. Just sayin'
  2. Covid Open roof lessens restrictions, I believe
  3. Most likely. Maggio is eligible to be resigned also
  4. Coaching "not to lose" rather than coaching to WIN. On 3rd down, a screen pass gains 5 or 6. Why wasn't that the 1st down play? MR wasn't stellar, but he wasn't awful. A few dropped catchable balls as well as dropped catchable picks didn't help. But inside 2 min, ATL had the lead and it was about clock management. AS whiffed. Color me not impressed with the FedEx Kid...............
  5. Falcons just signed Fry. Then, when Nizialek shanked that punt Sunday, I thought maybe there was a reason for signing Fry. Guess I was wrong..............
  6. Broken hand is normally 6 weeks to heal. Could be a stop gap until Andrews is back. Some even say as little as 3 weeks. New IR rules allow faster returns. Depends on the severity of the break, of course
  7. He may be a wonderful human being, but he's slow. His aggregate grade was 51st in the WR category. I hope he balls out, but I'm a little perplexed by this pick. Just have to see what he does on the field.
  8. Just to add a little more drama to this thread...........! https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.audacy.com%2F929thegame%2Fsports%2Fatlanta-falcons%2Finsider-predicts-falcons-will-release-julio-if-no-trade%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR1K_O-rPV5cJfW8gUxhSXrYFsEh8XqLBhknIL_LIPBA_2aff5I0I8NG48A&h=AT2migXQvb8W2bnB2_9k-ZrLkAACHWWZucJxJyJ3V_JHToYrwl9t7MZ1hj4hj26530GgUXDdVb7kyQJsCWSJMp9ySURXQzPKOphync6UFe8ssmoJo6v_546omLJLt5mW0dcb&__tn__=H-R&c[0]=AT3aWkJcMBWxL2WNqlF6EhM4f-aPpWKE7q9CtJ3_761i5aQWyniLJI_5Vkuk5Bg6SJbvl-DlYQ3TywgWSQB4dj6C7OHCls56joxNrt2Zk8tan-30z5OwZj_-3rD0cS9Jhfb7qCtidp-7XA3z3Ny5Rr3fH-V-ZzlG4bfPe3seWHHTSYKOOtxpm3bHGjtHST69ok2Wd9qVN6_6Ng
  9. Hmmm.... 🤫 If only I cared what Stephen A thought He's an oxygen thief 🤢
  10. Because Patterson? He can function as a pass catching RB. Not sure about his blocking ability tho
  11. Well, we are dealing with King Arthur, so there's that..................
  12. Signed b/c his name is Smith. Obvious bias...................😎
  13. I thought he played well before his injury. I wanted to see what he could do if healthy.
  14. Really.........?! That's a lot to put on him. We had 3 safeties, now we have 0. Eveyone's jumping ship. I don't see winning anything this year............
  15. Fontenot was handed a horrible situation. TD left him a big fat mess. But, I'm sure all of that was discussed in his hiring process, and AB would have to give him 2-3 years to right the ship. In the mean time, we're pretty much screwed for the near future. JMO.............
  16. I wish him well. But I can't imagine working for Jerry Jones.
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