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  1. Falcons' DB coach. Wonder if we'll see any improvement under whoever comes in next.....................? https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/01/29/falcons-assistant-leaves-for-head-coaching-job/
  2. Koetter was doing fine here, as I remember, and was hired away by TB. He wasn't let go b/c he wasn't getting the job done. And......to restate the obvious, his scheme is familiar to MR, so that is a plus.
  3. I read that Freeman may return vs CAR (wk 15). At this point...... why? Seems like it makes more sense to just go with what they've got and wait till next year. JMO
  4. I'm not one to jump on the "Fire Everybody" bandwagon. The coaches don't play the game....I get it. Yesterday there were a lot of drops, bad blocking and stupid penalties. But then I see that McCarthy got axed after GB got beat by............Arizona no less...! So, I'm starting to think maybe it's time for a change in leadership. Starting with CLE, and on to BAL, it looked like poor preparation, lack of enthusiasm and sorry game planning. Granted, this is coming from someone with not a lot of football acumen, but even so, maybe it's - "Time for a cool change.........."
  5. to make room for Irvin
  6. I was ready to read that he injured his Psyche.
  7. Falcons rescued Gabriel from the Browns and let him play on an actual NFL team. He left here and went to another real team. You're welcome, Taylor.
  8. Same thing was said about Bobby Cox. Couldn't win the big games. Personally, I think Snitker is doing all he can. He is managing like it's the playoffs. Pulling pitchers as soon as there's trouble, shuffling the lineup some. I've seen nothing to indicate he is the problem. This young team wasn't supposed to be this good this soon. They're still learning, and they're still really young. JMHO
  9. Found it. Thanks https://www.ajc.com/sports/baseball/newcomb-out-braves-rotation-for-now/Gk0pXP75VYihOhP5RX0SCO/
  10. Im no expert but the announcers said Newcomb was out of the rotation and in the BP
  11. As I write this the Braves are up 4-0. I'm hoping they hang on and clinch the Division. Originally, Newcomb was slated to pitch today. Newcomb can be outstanding, but he has also struggled of late, and his home record is not good. When I heard he has been moved to the BP, I was pleasantly surprised. Sure, the magic number is 2, with 10 games left. IMO, Cox would have stuck with him. But Snitker is apparently already playing in playoff mode. It makes so much sense to me: replace struggling Newcomb, and try to clinch as early as possible. This gives the starters a chance to rest - which they need, and also time to play others and gauge who will make the post season 25. I like it. It's the playoff mentality of going for the throat. Kudos to Snitker. JMO.......
  12. He had some outstanding receivers at Texas. More than once he threw up a desperation pass and it was hauled in. Then JM gets the credit for a great arm. Oh well, no sense in bashing him. He's showing that he is what he is.............
  13. Like I said, I don't know anything about him. Thanks for the insight!