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  1. Moot point. Swift's not gonna be around for ATL in the draft.
  2. I am a fan of Brian Hill. Gurley at $5M for 1 yr is not a horrible move. This gives us a good tandem at RB, and TG doesn't have to carry the load. We also have Ollison, who showed us some power / goal line running last season True - the knee could be a problem before the end of the season, but again - not that much invested And yes - TG will sell tickets. I can live with this.
  3. " Will be interesting to see what Falcons do with all this ammo. Anyway, just doing a victory lap on this trade which costed (sic) us virtually nothing " One article I read about this mentioned that if NE doesn't resign Sanu, ATL might be interested in bringing him back. Thoughts................?
  4. Raheem Morris, anyone? I would support that hire. But, it's likely no one will ask my opinion...................
  5. Yep. On top of the dog house today. Underneath it tomorrow. I wish him well and 100% FGM. But yeah...........Philadelphia fans got nothing on us.......:-)
  6. Swanson..............??
  7. Apples and Oranges. DQ would never have gone for it on 4th and 9 (the first time) for real. It was just to see how they handled it. Tons of penalties on defense, and a lot that thwarted getting to 4th down - that's what rookies do It's all about evaluation. There were some good things that happened last night. I have no complaints.......
  8. Sorry if already posted. I didn’t see it Did Harper do anything for the fan that returned his 200 HR/1000 hit ball..?
  9. I thought we had this guy....................?!
  10. Never mistake the presence of trouble to mean the absence of God. He is an ever present help in TROUBLE! (Ps. 46:1). Blessings..........!!
  11. He knew you were a friend of mine and that he'd better treat you right. Yes......I have that kind of juice........ SEEERRRIOUSLY, though - great thoughts and nice objectivity. Well said, Sir!