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  1. Sportscenter just had a bit about the top 5 QB-WR combos in the NFL. Here's their rankings: 5. Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson 4. Peyton Manning and Demaryius Thomas 3. Andy Dalton and A.J. Green 2. Jay Cutler and Brandan Marshall 1. Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson I know we get passed over in the media a lot, but it is an absolute outrage that they didn't include Roddy White and Matt Ryan on this list. They didn't even make the "people left off the list" discussion afterwards. Matt and Roddy have averaged over 1,300 yards the last five seasons, what more do they need to do to get some respect?
  2. The lease that the Falcons have with the Dome would create a whole slew of lawsuits that Blank wouldn't want to deal with. He'd be responsible for a ton of consequential damages for lost profits. I would think the team would have to stay in Atlanta for at least a couple more years to make this fiscally possible (unless LA wants to foot the bill for all lawsuits resulting from this...)
  3. Yeah Blank would never be allowed to show his face in Atlanta again, that's for **** sure. He be Atlanta's Bartman
  4. Say the doomsday scenario does happen. Talks between Blank and Atlanta go bad, LA makes an offer Blank can't refuse, and the Falcons end up moving to LA. What would happen the next 2-3 season while the LA stadium was being built? ...I can't imagine anyone would actually attend any of the games in Atlanta knowing that your money is going to Blanks pocket. Matt Ryan and co. would be playing in an empty stadium every Sunday.
  5. Yeah last time I checked Tony Gonzalez didn't assist in any murders either. ...unbelievable how everyone in the media makes Ray Lewis seem like a saint.
  6. Um... are you accusing Kaepernick of having 965 yards rushing in 9 games? The Green Bay game was the first time he ever ran for more than 84 yards. His other totals were 66 (T),10 (W), 27 (W), 84 (L), 53 (W), 28 (W), 31 (L), 5 (W). I don't really see a correlation between him running the ball and the team winning. His second highest run totals resulted in a Loss and a Tie
  7. Good to know he can do that in case we have to throw a hail mary of our own this week
  8. How bout that Roddy chant too? You know he loved that. Well deserved
  9. Nobody left after that seahawks touchdown. Dont give Matt Ryan 30 seconds to beat you. Dont do it
  10. Squib kick was NOT the right call. It is never, ever the right call. The only reason we beat the bears with 13 seconds left was because they squib kicked. You seriously think giving them the ball on the 50 with 6 seconds left (where Russell could have thrown a quick out to get in field goal range) is the right call? Over just kicking it deep and ending the game? Water under the bridge now, but I'd really love to never see us do that again
  11. Did our coaches not feel like we were stressed out enough??? Why would they do that to us. Worst special teams call ever
  12. Did you see the tears the man had after this game? I was in tears. Sometimes it transcends football. It's someone wanting, and striving, for something so much in life and they just never get it. And to be that great, and never have that feeling one time in his life.... ...bone chilling that he finally did it
  13. Pause it. He threw the ball while Tony's back was still to him. Just unreal the connection they have. God I still have chills
  14. Time to get the pump up videos (and GIF's) going. Extra props if you make your own before game time on Sunday!
  15. It's very hard for 4-3 outside linebackers to make the pro bowl. The 3-4 guys rack up all the stats
  16. Would you guys be upset if we took Tavon Austin with our first overall draft pick? Obviously it would be a luxury pick. I know that we really need to focus on DE, but I just can't even fathom how lethal our offense would be with Julio, Roddy, and Tavon on the field at the same time...
  17. Epic. Matt Ryan has gone from nerd to complete badass. He's like the kid in Project X
  18. Not sure if this has been posted yet, but this song could not get me more jacked for this season. And ****, Willy Mo can rap!
  19. Yeah the way they edited it you would have thought Miami embarrassed us. Maybe that was just payback for the Falcons turning down Hard Knocks
  20. With the way football is trending these days, I'd rather have that problem then having trouble in the passing game.
  21. From the looks of things this preseason, we no longer have a boring offense! Thank god. It really was starting to wear on me watching Mularky football week in and week out. A more exciting offense should help the entire fan base grow this season.
  22. I met him once. He was pretending to throw fake passes to girls at the bar. Total loser.
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