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  1. Trouble Dawg seems to think Tunsil is all Dawg and I totally agree with him.
  2. It's disappointing-- both for us and for him. It was a great chance for him to make a new start and a clean/better life. I'm not bashing him at all but I respect him a lot less if this was a done deal to begin with. He wasted our coaches' time and led on his friends in Athens. I hope against hope that those cheating scumbags at AU get the death penalty. I also hope that JHD is wrong but know the chance of that is pretty low .
  3. UGA worrying about Tunsil going to Ole Miss would be the same as Ole Miss worrying about UGA getting RN.
  4. Sac... after the visits, how would you rate our % chances with the recruits? I have: Tunsil and Toby: 90% Bellamy: 75% Adams: 70% Reuben: 50% Kamara: 35%
  5. Ford is the back-up option in case Kamara does not come to GA. If Kamara comes to UGA, we will NOT accept Ford.
  6. I don't disagree. His visit went great. The tell would be if he goes back to Bama this next weekend as was rumored.
  7. Kamara's interview with Radi seems to put Bama at the top pretty clearly... the only question is if Kamara is playing. It's out of character for him but certainly possible.
  8. What has and will be reported on Kamara is not how things played out. Kamara had an AWESOME visit. Anything is possible but don't believe what you read on the pay-sites. I believe UGA has taken the lead.
  9. Foster gets a bad rep but regardless of wherever he goes, he is a great kid trying to look out for his family and little girl. He does NOT hang out with the wrong crowd (unfortunately that was IC's problem) and the only issue he had, he has committed to fix. I wish him nothing but the best.
  10. he's been off the jane for about 5 weeks now I think.... he was sloppy during the season but seems to have made a commitment to get back into peak shape-- the results are showing.
  11. Can't take credit for it. This is from JHD who has been VERY close to RF recruitment and has inside sources. Additional nugget- DeShaun Watson is coming to Athens tonight again to hang ... for those that may not know, he was here last week as well to go see the GymDawgs... so this will be his third visit in 2 weeks
  12. Yup good info about Adams and that Reuben's mom has given her blessing to him for Athens if he wants to go to UGA. Adams will become public on NSD but is now a silent ..supposedly
  13. Tunsil Johnson Adams and 2 of the 3 below. We can get all six. I am a little concerned about the recent contact with Riles (is it adams or the fact that Toby was injured?) Bellamy Foster Kamara
  14. On Garner, I'm just wondering if he did not like to go after some guys that had a long offer list because it was more work and effort. A little bit like Jancek. Whatever the reason, we've received a huge upgrade.
  15. My List (this is recruiting, so unless someone sends their LOI in I'm not going above 90) Tunsil 90%: as close to a commit without committing, though reports indicate he did commit on his visit to GA last week; also note tha Bama offered another tackle about 4 weeks ago Toby 85%: closed down the recruiting process and GA is way in the lead; did not even have a #2 Adams 70%: mom loves UGA, he likes UGA but also Clemson; it's been said he has another pull to GA and I think it may be his girlfriend who visited with him the first time and loved UGA- she wants to go to UGA as well; good OV critical; if he goes back to Clemson next week I think we've lost him Bellamy 50%: FSU was in the lead but has had a lot of staff turnover; Bellamy loves Grantham and really likes Wilson; remember he reached out to us; I'd say we're even in the lead by a smidgen; the OV matters a lot this week but this is the closest parallel to Jordan Jenkins recruitment that I have seen Foster 50%: it's an AU UGA battle all the way (I've taken Bama out after reports of his less than satisfying visit there- but ANYTHING is possible) and no-one, even RF probably knows so it's a toss up; his buddies at AU (Liner/Lawson) are likely not going to AU as well and Trooper's firing at AU has hit him hard; IMO if his family were not at AU he would be 75% UGA but since they are there, it's up in the air; IF RF goes back to AU next week as reported then I'll put them in the lead Kamara 40%: this one is hard; if you believe the reports he is all gump; my feeling is that he is really evaluating everything objectively and will give us a very fair shot; but Bama is in the lead after his visit there- unfortunately Bama has given him a lot of BS and he seems to have bought it Thomas 25%: this one may be the surprise if he picks us. He was initially a lock to Miami but seemed to back away due to potential sanctions. FSU was the team to beat then but his recruiter at FSU (Coley) left for Miami and FSU had it's own staff turnover as well. I would venture that Miami us back in the lead. Let's talk about UGA though- Thomas loves Grantham and has been to our Dawgnight. The recent turmoil at the staff of FSU and potential sanctions at Miami (though less likely to be stringent now) play a part. The biggest issue is distance as his mom has not seen him play a lot in HS and UGA would be far. Thomas does have family in GA. If he picks us, it'll be more surprising than Jordan Jenkins' commit but anything is possible, since we did get his last OV.
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