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  1. Finally caught up tonight. Wow, wow wow. More great acting and song choices. What a great ending on tonight's episode. I must say last week's episode in the hotel might was to notch acting. What a superb episode. JT is killing it in this role. My wife had trouble sleeping because of the TV static scenes. The finale is going to be insane. S*** is going to hit the fan.
  2. All 3 turnovers (includes the 4th down miss) killed us. Had we scored on those drives we would have had it.
  3. How long ago did it debut? I guess I am behind.
  4. Any one watch this yet? It was really, really interesting.
  5. What do you think they say to each other during the commercial breaks?
  6. The jury is still out for me on FTWD so I'm going to hold judgement until the end of the season. It's early and the characters need to develop. (TWD) For me to like a show it has to have a good story and characters that I like. I have enjoyed watching the groups journey, their losses and how they have really turned into a family. Post apocalyptic shows/films just interest me because they can go in so many different directions. I also like the fact that as the seasons have progressed the characters now need to fear other humans in that world more than the walkers. My 2 cents....
  7. Espn won't stop talking about Dez Bryant injury. They have a 10 minute segment about a broken foot and It's like "coming up in 5 minutes, updates on Dez Bryant horrific injury". I cannot take ESPN anymore. I could tolerate NFL Network but it's getting worse.
  8. It was an 'ok' episode. I find the junkie character rather annoying.
  9. I'm halfway through the last episode of the season. This is a great show that I haven't heard talked about it much. I highly recommend. Pablo Escobar was a sick dude but the story is fasinating. Anyone else watch this yet?
  10. Wow. What a great off season this has been. This is truly a new look Falcon team.
  11. After reading this thread yesterday I watched the first 2 episodes. Love it. To repeat what another poster said. This is what American Horror Story should be.
  12. I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on the upcoming movies this year. What are you most excited for? For me, it's Jurrasic World Star Wars Avengers 2 Batman vs Superman Jurrasic Park Terminator Ant man
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