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  1. Wow. What a great off season this has been. This is truly a new look Falcon team.
  2. I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on the upcoming movies this year. What are you most excited for? For me, it's Jurrasic World Star Wars Avengers 2 Batman vs Superman Jurrasic Park Terminator Ant man
  3. I'd still draft a linemen. It is finally time to beef up this line.
  4. I hope there is some truth to the rumor. I'd love this guy here.
  5. Chest and back workouts for me tonight. Hate 'em, but gotta do it.
  6. Nice I really hate the treadmill, I need to invest in an elliptical. Give me a much better workout. Nevertheless, I have been walking at lunch at work every day and it seems to be helping.
  7. I'm fat agin. Stupid holidays really messed me up. I gotta get back on that ball again. I just hate cardio more than anything, but I don't see a way around it. My treadmill sucks. I should prob just run the old fashion way I suppose.
  8. Nice draft sir. I think the South got a lot stronger.

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