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  1. I live in Knoxville and started rooting for the Falcons because they were close and it would be easy for me to see them live, when the Titans came to Tennessee I didn't change teams because Nashville is only like 30 minutes closer. If the Falcons leave for LA then I guess i'll become a Titans fan. It's not so much a "Atlanta thing" it's more of a region thing for me. I don't see them leaving though.
  2. I'm going to bet we get a first down and then run, run check down and Punt.
  3. As long as Roddy is playing like this I don't care what he says on twitter or to the media.
  4. I seen that and I knew it was just a matter of time until I see a thread about it lol...I agree though he needs to STFU and play. Fox pregame
  5. It's all about location, the South is a SEC football area, The Bulldogs have and always will be a bigger deal than the Falcons, just like the Vols will always be a bigger deal than the Titans, just like Gators will always be bigger than the Jags. NY and Philly are pro sports towns and could care less about college football.
  6. This is perfect!! Just because people don't have the same views as other fans don't mean "They suck".. Fanhood is about making noise at home, following the team on the road when you can, and the most important IMO is never giving up on them, meaning attendance should not drop when your win total does.
  7. Biggest game of the year until we win it, then Thursday week becomes the biggest game of the year. Got to win 3 out of these last 4 or we're home for the playoffs. GO FALCONS!!!
  8. Offense: Andre Johnson (Sorry I believe in Matt Ryan, I blame this year on drops) Defense: Jared Allen.
  9. Don't feel great, but don't feel like we have no chance either. I'm 50/50...5 out of 10..Right in the middle.
  10. Very very weak fans IMO, not loud, late to games and that's when we're winning games, when we suck we're no better than Jaguar and Panther fans. Falcon fans don't travel well, if you've ever been to a road game then you might have been one of ten Falcon fans there. 3/10 IMO
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