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  1. I’m a fan of the new look, but this is such an improvement. He has a lot of good designs for other teams as well.
  2. This man had a bad game against the best WR in college football on the highest scoring offense in college football history and was still in position to make a play a majority of the time. He would have been picked within 5 picks of #16 if we didn’t take him. Don’t listen to buffoons on TV. Welcome AJ!
  3. Im down with Kenneth Murray in the first, trade down or not, and Damon Annette in the second. Best D lineman available in the third, and best player available from there.
  4. Can one of the photo shop gurus on here please do me a solid and change the color of the ATL on the gradient jerseys to black and the numbers to a flat silver to match the face mask. Just curious.
  5. Those are off brand kids jerseys sold at Kohls, not an NFL franchise’s jersey. Is there nothing anybody in this organization can do correctly?
  6. Don’t need one. That would officially be the worst jersey in the league.
  7. Maybe this is just a bad casting couch video on PH.
  8. I can only hope these are fake, because if not, this is a huge miss and disappointment. I can’t believe it took years to create that.
  9. To me, you can see the helmet in the teaser video from January. It shows a black helmet (black jersey and pants also) with the current logo enlarged. That twitter post might be the real deal.
  10. Unfortunately, my job is not a game, and my reward for hard work is not lifetime prestige. I’m just tired of Ryan’s piss poor excuse of, “I don’t get involved with contracts. I just let my agent handle it.” If I were lucky enough to be talented enough to play in this league, I would most certainly get paid a fair salary while making **** sure I was on the best team possible. I am competitive and would want to win championships. What’s the point if not, just to make money? That’s hollow. I’m sorry. I know I’m in the minority. Money isn’t everything. I just think the best thing for the team is to trade him and take our chances elsewhere, because the $180,000,000 contract is the end of our chances to win a super bowl.
  11. I think the biggest takeaway is that no QB that has won a super bowl, or multiple super bowls for that matter, have won a Super Bowl after getting paid the $100,000,000 payday. Not one. Not Aaron Rodgers, not Big Ben, not Russell Wilson, not Drew Brees. I guess Brady IS just in a class by himelf. Fook the money, I want to win. Ryan’a Legacy will be nothing. Yes he will have 300 plus million dollars, but he will have more what ifs. This season will not go well. Sark is a joke, the defense is now thin and dependent on rookies. I’m just amazed at where we’re at from even a year ago. This team gets what it deserves. Poor decision after poor decision. Oh well, Go Dawgs!!!
  12. Only one player in history has won a Super Bowl after signing a $100,000,000 contract. That was Fletcher Cox this past year. This is a team game, and Matt Ryan is screwing this team. If he wants to win so bad, he needs to share with his “Brotherhood”. If a 5 time SB champion can take a pay cut to make the team better, than a qb with a losing record in the playoffs can. Ryan is a handicap, and we will not win with him at the helm, especially with a $180,000,000 contract.
  13. I have hovered for a decade and do not post often. After the blatant favoritism of the Buffalo and Miami games, I stopped watching all nffail games. I came back a couple of weeks ago because “.... the saints”. This is the most blatant display that the nffail has an agenda. I have been a fan since I was 8 years old in the 80s. I deserve; for the decades of interaction with the league including 25-30 games and $1,000s of dollars in packages, apparel and ancillary items; for my team to have the same chance as another and for the refs to not be used in such a way as to direct a game to a particular outcome. It is time to continue the boycott and for all of you to boycott the league in its entirety for a breach of contract. Nothing will change if you do not help make them see a significant affect to their actions. Please, join me.
  14. I'm impressed with these two. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000685951/article/preseason-winners-losers-christine-michael-for-real
  15. I think Campbell was drafted for the Chancellor role, and Neal a bigger version of the Earl Thomas role. Campbell is the same weight and an inch taller than Chancellor, and he's faster. Chancellor wasn't some highly touted guy out of college, he was a late round draft pick who came in to Seattle and excelled at a role in a scheme like ours. I think he may be a big key to our success, just a thought.
  16. This is not feasible. The Titans picks in this scenario are not worth our 17th pick. They would have to throw another pick in there, probably another third rounder. I would personally be pissed at this trade. It would have to be 2nds for me to trade, giving us 3 2nd rounders.
  17. Don't get me confused with the OP. I'm not scared to play them. I hate them with every ounce of my being. I hope they are allowed to play straight up, cause we got this.
  18. The OP is not saying he is scared to play NO because he doesn't think we can win. He's saying that it looks like another set up like last year. What do you think the chances are that a punt gets blocked for a td on a night that Gleason is being honored for blocking a punt for a td? You can't write this stuff, or can you?
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