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  1. the run defense looks alot better when its babineaux and lewis in the middle
  2. I hope we actually do start using douglas in the slot more this year even if we don't show it until the regular season
  3. I'm pretty sure he did start for them.
  4. I'm pretty sure he started at outside linebacker but also took over for Mike Peterson at middle linebacker when Peterson got hurt/fell out of favor with jack del rio. He's only 27.
  5. The jaguars withdrew their tender offer to linebacker Clint Ingram and now that makes him an unrestricted free agent. Should the falcons try and sign him?
  6. I live in pennsylvania and I was watching this thing on comcast sportsnet about the eagles in free agency and they brought up aaron kampman and they said he is only 3 months removed from his knee surgery so no one wants to take a chance on him at this point because they said there is no way of knowing where he is at physically or if he would be ready at the beginning of the season.
  7. brooking's outburt was the iceing on the cake after seeing the cowboys lose this badly today.
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