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  1. Every game is a trap game until we lose, bills are the best team in New York right now
  2. Please not this **** on here, Facebook and Twitter are filled with it all leave it out of here
  3. I believe he got traded don't think he had full choice haha
  4. Was proud of our fans yesterday the indeed rose up.
  5. Good we don't need fans like you in the dome on Sunday's anyways
  6. He's always the first person showing emotion I love it. Bringing the dirty bird back!
  7. Thought it was bleed red followed by we ready which would be sick too haha
  8. I picked you decide bwcause it was an accident as well as the point of this thread
  9. What do you guys think about bringing in Stevie Brown for safety depth? He was very good for the Giants before getting injured a couple years ago. I may be also a little biased because I played against him in high school when he was a running back, but nonetheless he is a play-maker.
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