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  1. Im soo pissed right now..i got to take a walk and cool off!!
  2. trufant cant guard my grandmother
  3. another one bits the dust
  4. The sucky giants holding us to no score..way to go
  5. This d reminds me of little league
  6. Here we go..who will win..The offense or defense..
  7. This team is hard to watch.If the offense falls behind its over because the defense cant stop anyone. This has to be worst d in the nfl and maybe worst team. I think cleveland could beat them right now. Anybody can put 30 plus on them
  8. New name for defense MIA missing in action
  9. swiss cheese new name for d
  10. exactly.. this defense needs to be called lingeray because you see right through them
  11. Time to get more offensive weapons need to score 50 plus a game to win
  12. if Trucant holds on to the int we wouldnt be here anyway
  13. i knew this **** would happen..paper bag defense
  14. i dont think trufant could guard my one legged grandmother