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  1. dont go over there with that crypto miner unless u have good protection..lol..Once this malicious program or browser extension is installed, the Crypto-Loot.com Miner will inject an in-browser Monero miner which uses more than 50% of your CPU’s power and graphics cards power. What this means, is that when the miners are running you will find that your computer is running slower and games are stuttering or freezing because the Crypto-Loot.com Miner Trojan is using your computer’s resources to generate revenue for themselves.In other words..your computer is making them money.. Be safe and wear protection..its dirty over there
  2. no.. i just get tired of their we got lucky crap..Trust me im glad they whinning
  3. IM so sick of your whinning. The refs did this and refs did that and saying you are soo much better than we are..really? The falcons played like crap,you picked off 3 ints..and still lost. Most teams with 3 ints. will win the game 90% of the time. Maybe you got penalized so much because you was holding all night. Lattimore cant stop JJ so he holds him and he got caught. I see your offensive line head lock our players several times and never got called for it. Several times i seen hands to face with no call.. You honestly lucky. You should have had only 10 points. Ryan gift wrapped you 10 points didnt he? Just admit you taint all that!!
  4. They crying about refs but the saints held almost all night. A lot of the holds wasnt even called. Cry me a river ...
  5. they must have velcro on beasley jersey because he is getting held too much
  6. does a head lock count has a hold..blind refs
  7. i hope we smack the shat out of them punks
  8. i cant stand sissy cam!!so cocky
  9. i hate to say it but our team is crap this year.Cant even score on crappy patriots d ..every qb has had over 300 yards passing..ryan 40
  10. Is all our punt returners scared of contact?
  11. cry me a river
  12. cry me a river saints
  13. these fools cant take a liitle heat.I went over there and they crying..detriot got robbed..we got lucky again..blah blah blah.They got lucky to ..didnt they beat panthers.Sun shines on a dogs azz every now and then. Honestly i cant stand neworleans and their team. I made the mistake of taking my son to a game there and never..ever..ever will i do it again. My son had hurt his leg a day before the game.and them a- holes wouldnt allow us to use the stone age elevator. I had to help my son up 22 flights of steps to get to our seat.They are a disrespectful fan base,most of them anyway
  14. I called directv and they gave me nfl sunday ticket.However arent local games blacked out so still might not do me any good