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  1. Im glad they lost. Its funny to see that smug payton all upset and frustrated.Ease on down the road Payton. Plus their fans ,from the way they talk, its like they were already in SB.
  2. ill come pick it up
  3. All them mouths saying no chance.. I have something to say "up yours"
  4. 3 man rush gets to matt..really?
  5. is it just me or do they look like they cant read and react to plays anymore?
  6. I agree.In the Stanks vs Bears game today the refs made a call and after challenge it was still upheld. Bridgewater fell down at least a yard before first down mark and it showed clearly that is what happened. That didnt matter though the refs said "FIRST DOWN" im like wtf!!
  7. atlanta falcons with the 2nd pick in the 2020 nfl drat selects Booby Boucher..
  8. Fat lady is warming up for quinns exit
  9. 200 yards for murray in 2nd quarter so far.. any bets he has 400 by end of game
  10. This team is..give me a T..E.R..R..I.B..L..E..
  11. the second foot did not hit.. out of bounds