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  1. Pretty much, at least this year. No following blogs or message boards, no NFL Network or ESPN, no MNF or SNF or TNF or ... Can't say I've missed it all that much, but I really wanted to see the Falcons take the next step this year and it sucks that they didn't. Oh well.
  2. As I was saying, been a Falcons fan since the days of Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. Decided not to invest too much of my sanity in the team this year once it was clear this wasn't our year. Spent too much of my sanity on the team last year, and I've benefited from the break. While feeling increasingly conflicted about supporting a sport that too often leaves its players in terrible mental and physical condition after the game is done with them, this year also brought much more important lessons with a good friend dying of brain cancer. He's 42, played LB for CU back in the day. He'll be lucky to live another month or two and he leaves behind a son. He remains a Broncos fan to this day, but me? It was good to take the year off and focus on my own work, wife, and kids. Love your teams but remember that they aren't important at all. The people in your life are.
  3. Just didn't want to subject myself to abject suckery this year. Been a fan since I was a kid though.
  4. Well I guess we all whiffed on this one.
  5. I didn't watch the Falcons this year, but **** how did it take us this long to figure out that DeCoud can't tackle?
  6. We were pretty **** great last year and really **** close to making the SB. Maybe we were outcoached vs. SF (on the critical play, we were), but if we make a play at the end of that game or if we had a little more to work with on the defensive side, maybe we win the SB last year and no one says anything like this about Mike Smith.
  7. I thought the 4th down calls were dumb, but if we make those plays we're not having this conversation. Granted, those were dumb calls and he's made them in the past too.
  8. Maybe it's just bad luck, but it seems our story in the red zone is that Matt either makes bad passes (which he shouldn't be doing--the guy is crazy accurate when he wants to be) or our receivers drop the ball. I don't know if our offense just craps its pants in those situations or if we're just running into a patch of bad luck.
  9. I have hated him as a player almost since day 1. The guy cannot take a good angle to tackle anyone. He's the biggest reason our defense gives up so many big plays. Almost every time we give up a big play, it's because he missed a tackle.
  10. On a previous goal-to-go situation we tried running with SJax and Quizz and got nothing. Yeah, I know you said SJax. But surprisingly it doesn't seem to be as easy as saying "give SJax the ball, score TD." Of course if SJax or TG had caught the ball, no one would question it and say we should've been rushing.
  11. Wait, they asked for your feedback on the cheerleaders? Were you allowed to touch the merchandise too?
  12. The article is correct, but **** we have too many fans who think anything less than 19-0 means it's time to start firing and trading every franchise employee.
  13. **** dude. 519 posts and you still haven't learned how to use paragraphs?
  14. If TD is reading these boards, we are all being Dimittroffed!
  15. I'm awarding the trophy to Peyton. Sadly, testing revealed PADirtyBird to be on every form of steroid known to man.
  16. Let's not forget how many 4th quarter comebacks Matt Ryan has led. It was a bad day in New Orleans. It happens.
  17. Your score is 9. Though I find beating the previous best score by 1 to be a bit suspect.
  18. Lazy is loaded word though. Did you see Konz's comments about how hard Holmes has been working to improve his game?
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