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  1. Falcons entire FO can eat a bowl of baby $#*$#!
  2. Has Brown even caught a TD pass from anyone except Big Ben? Or is that just this year? Call them 1A/1B w/e, but all things equal, I'll take Julio every day of the week.
  3. Pointing fingers doesn't help much now, but I must say Ryan's numbers look insanely good outside of that INT. Now let's just stop these mindblowing TOs.
  4. They were bottom 5 in pass yards per play before our game. They just dont get passed on a lot. Make no mistake. Their secondary is not good.
  5. https://twitter.com/vxmcclure23/status/659030366913757185
  6. They did say it takes a few years to recover from these serious injuries sometimes. He definitely looks improved. I'll say that.
  7. Loved it. I don't remember when it was or who were were playing, but we all remember that one play in a critical stretch where Ryan pulled up arguably a little too soon into his slide. I'm all for our franchise qb protecting himself. It definitely should not be a regular occurrence at all, but it was good to see. Ryan has obviously come to take less plays for granted and I honestly think that was a cognizant change from the Ryan of old, even if he regrets it. In addition, Matt's not a small guy. No Cam Newton but he can handle that.
  8. He's got a ESPN radio show now too. Used to be a nighttime show, but he got it moved up to around 4PM recently.
  9. Believe Bomani went to school in the Atlanta area too, so that might help for people who are wondering about his fandom timeline-wise. So he has Atlanta roots early and later in life. I like Bomani. He touches on topics that most sportswriters are too afraid to, too one dimensional to or just plain not intelligent enoughto. If you're talking about the HQ television show though, that's not really what that show is for. As for his Atlanta fandom, I completely ignore anything he has to say about it. Anytime he talks about it, it's just a bunch of backsliding, shameful talk about how he used to l
  10. Would work really well with his new documentary. That's for sure. I'm cool with Gonzo. I'm over the potshots he took on his way out and I think this team learned a lot from him. I'm grateful but naaaawww. At least we got him a playoff win.
  11. If we go with Ramsey, we won't have any WR's left after 1 game. LMAO
  12. I can't be the only who read this and could only think of our previous coaches/OCs. Forget the creative formations. I'm seeing Julio run ROUTES that advance the ball that I can't remember seeing him run in previous years.
  13. As Week 3 comes to a close, things are starting to take shape in the NFL. The Patriots are back to their winning ways -- and running up the score -- rookies, like Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston, are falling down to Earth, and the AFC South, well, it's still terrible. Also, road teams are starting to show their mettle, going 8-6 on Sunday, including three wins by more than 10 points. While some traveling teams decided not to show up on time (ahem, 49ers, Bears and Jaguars), the Falcons, Bengals, andBills all won in emphatic fashion and had a player earn his spot on this week's Greatness on t
  14. The question in itself is refreshing. I can't remember us recently having true, high quality prospects waiting in the wings that we could anticipate improving and helping us down the line. They typically get thrown to the wolves quickly to sink or swim or mostly sit on the bench for years with fans wondering why they were drafted/over drafted in the first place. I say this being confident in Alford as our #2 CB btw. In my opinion, It's different if we were actually struggling at that position. Same with Hardy.
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