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  1. Kinda wish they hadn't. Lofton has been totally unprofessional in his shots at the organization that drafted him and made him a millionaire. The worst being him crowing about the Saints record against us. Dude, you were the captain of the defense that lost most of those games!
  2. THANK YOU! FINALLY somebody outside Atlanta points out just how lazy the national sports media and the "can't win in the playoffs" narrative is. 11-1 means 11-1 5 consecutive winning seasons mean 5 consecutive winning seasons. Everyone, EVERYONE, agrees it's hard to win in the NFL, but when Atlanta does it consistently over 5 years, it's dismissed. Maddening!
  3. I know he was going for unconscionable, but how he landed on this is incredible.
  4. I thought he was saying he bet his left eye on the election and lost. Is that right?
  5. I liked how pregame and postgame the first question asked of Ryan is "Do you feel like you get enough respect?" To which he always answers, "I don't think about that." Do they think he'll just snap one day and go all Bart Scott on them if they keeping asking it?
  6. Denver has a winning record, and Philly, San Diego and Oakland would if we hadn't beat them. We've beaten 2 bottomfeeders and the rest are all in the muddy middle of the league and are all potential playoff teams, even Oakland and Washington. Complaining about the Falcons' strength of schedule is ridiculous. This isn't college, they don't make the schedule! They've won 4 games on the road, 3 of them blowouts. They've beaten 2 teams coming off a bye week and another team that had a mini bye (Carolina had 10 days to prepare).
  7. First thing you do with an ankle sprain is ice it and rest it. Why would they make him walk to the locker room unnecessarily?
  8. That's a perfectly fine philosophy to preach to your team. It's a stupid thing to say in a newspaper in week 6 of the season. He basically put himself on record saying his team is flawless.
  9. See, people think Smith is boring, but I'll take that over this type of thing. You're going up against the reigning Super Bowl champs and your coach is saying, "Only we can beat ourselves." I'm sure Eli and Tuck and JPP are impressed that you blew out the Jets and the Bills. One of the reasons Belichick is the best in the game is he gives the most boring press conferences and interviews imaginable. Harbaugh's got a little too much Herm Edwards in him for my taste.
  10. What are you talking about? I read they're going to win their next 11 games.
  11. It's just dumb, lazy analysis, which is what passes for sports journalism today (thanks, ESPN). I can see people talking about this leading up to the postseason, that's fair. But in week 5? What's the point? There's nothing that can be done about it. The Falcons can't get into a time machine and go play a playoff game.
  12. He was mediocre until the 2 minute drive to end the 1st half. After that, he was lights out.
  13. Uh, Wayne State is actually a very good school, particularly when it comes to science. I know the guy dumping on it is just a troll, but it kind of just makes you look really ignorant.
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