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  1. It's updated now, I guess. It says ankle.
  2. Hmm. I see Massaqui more as a RE than a LE, but he could be in at LE on passing situations. I see Goodman more as the guy who will take over at LE.
  3. The other way to win this game is to look at how Seattle won in Seattle: 12th man. We fans need to show up and be loud. Colin is still a rookie, and he was rattled in that Seattle game. We need him to get hit big when he leaves the pocket once, and get in the way of his line calls.
  4. Would be weird to fire him after winning a playoff game!
  5. Franks is also on the depth chart for safety, and Moore was already out.
  6. Davis has done fine the one game he was asked to step in, and that's mostly because Philly ignored him to focus on the rest of our team. (And then got torched by them, anyway). Konz and McClain have done great, though. I was worried about DBs when Grimes went down, but McClain has really stepped up to the point where I'm not worried about it. And Owens has stepped up behind him, too, which is nice. If only Franks could step up...
  7. Dwyer ran like a 4.59 40 at the combine... he's not top-end fast.
  8. If they end up being the best men for the job, yes. That's why there's a coaching staff there, watching the players and coaching. That's why we got one of the best O-line coaches in the game. I'll let the people who a) know more about football than me and have access to way more information about the players than I do to make the decisions.
  9. Yeah, I hope our coaches don't actually evaluate our players. I hope they don't reward hard work and improvement. I hope they just stick with what seemed to kind of work last year, and not try to get better or anything.
  10. It's not like Matt Ryan makes up the plays when they're in the no huddle. They're Mularkey plays designed for the no huddle, and Ryan is coached on which plays to audible to in which situations. The no huddle is more flexible, so is therefore less predictable than the huddle plays, which seem to have less variety of plays from the same formations.
  11. Correlation != causation. That is, it's just as likely (probably more so) that when we're winning we're giving MT 20+ carries.
  12. I think the issue with DeCoud was that BVG was trying to get him to do too much. He was much better his first season as a starter, where he could just react to things. I think Nolan's defense will allow the safeties to react, rather than think too much. I think this will especially help DeCoud.
  13. I agree. I stopped reading when he used "since" instead of "sense." Anyone writing an actual news article should know correct words.
  14. I think Dunta is a lot more valuable to us than a 6th round pick, especially if we might lose Grimes. Like it or not, he's our 2nd best corner.
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