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  1. Julio Jones not only did he not get a touchdown he didn't even catch a pass the whole preseason!
  2. Go to the Monday night game because Chick-fil-A will be open.
  3. Lol watching Sarkisian during the 1st preseason game.
  4. That would be a record against the Jets. Purple
  5. Definitely they hate the Falcons. We cost them that perfect season. PS. F the Stainks!
  6. You're awesome!
  7. Where's part 2
  8. Out of bounds.
  9. Clearly out of bounds
  10. I still don't know why people think we have a good oline. I think it's the weakest part of our team. Mack=elite, Matthews=above average rest is at best average. Ryan never has all day to throw it seems like.
  11. Well we did ruin his perfect season.
  12. The tweets from day 2 said knee/ hamstring.
  13. Takk just has a bruise. Ridley on the other hand is a little more serious and if he misses 2 days of practice then we know it is a lot more serious than they are letting on.
  14. Only Moore in the 1st if we go offense.
  15. I don't remember seeing him last Sunday