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  1. I don't remember seeing him last Sunday
  2. Protest against Trump by disrespecting the flag is just stupid. You are right.
  3. I didn't say for people not to do it. I fought for the right to do what you want. But it is disrespectful.
  4. I'm a vet and I do see it as disrespectful
  5. Cowherd is TIER 4 in sports journalism.
  6. I subscribed to you and donate so keep doing what you do. I like different opinions.
  7. PeytonManningsForehead
  8. I called DTV and didn't threaten to leave I told them I was calling to cancel my service and when they asked why I told them that the only reason I got DTV was for the Sunday Ticket but the price keeps going up. So I said I was going to switch to cable and save alot of money and just go over to a friends house to watch my game. They tried to change my tv plan from ultimate to a lower package I told them I wasn't going to cut my channels down when I can get all of them on cable for cheaper then after a few mores tries they finally gave me the Sunday Ticket for free and in 6 months my bill will drop $50 and still keep the ultimate package.
  9. Would have hoped to sign Freeney as an assistant coach and let the youngsters compete.
  10. Wish the league would just expand the rosters to 55 players. Problem solved.
  11. Like seeing these type of predictions with explanation not just win or lose.
  12. Don't forget we DIDN'T have Trufant for for the last of the season and playoffs.
  13. I would in a sprint to the podium. But will take more than a 3rd.