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  1. Only Moore in the 1st if we go offense.
  2. I don't remember seeing him last Sunday
  3. Protest against Trump by disrespecting the flag is just stupid. You are right.
  4. I didn't say for people not to do it. I fought for the right to do what you want. But it is disrespectful.
  5. I'm a vet and I do see it as disrespectful
  6. Cowherd is TIER 4 in sports journalism.
  7. I subscribed to you and donate so keep doing what you do. I like different opinions.
  8. PeytonManningsForehead
  9. I called DTV and didn't threaten to leave I told them I was calling to cancel my service and when they asked why I told them that the only reason I got DTV was for the Sunday Ticket but the price keeps going up. So I said I was going to switch to cable and save alot of money and just go over to a friends house to watch my game. They tried to change my tv plan from ultimate to a lower package I told them I wasn't going to cut my channels down when I can get all of them on cable for cheaper then after a few mores tries they finally gave me the Sunday Ticket for free and in 6 months my bill will drop $50 and still keep the ultimate package.
  10. Sign him after we find out what his status will be.