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  1. Would love this. Hope we don't mess this up.
  2. I would be so happy for this but no way its coming true. My Falcons would never ever let me be happy.
  3. They said that the Jets are looking to trade back from the 3rd pick and the said that the Falcons and Carolina are potential trade partners to get Q. Williams from Alabama. My question would be what would the Falcons have to give up to move to pick 3?
  4. One word "Wilkins"
  5. Julio Jones not only did he not get a touchdown he didn't even catch a pass the whole preseason!
  6. Go to the Monday night game because Chick-fil-A will be open.
  7. Lol watching Sarkisian during the 1st preseason game.
  8. That would be a record against the Jets. Purple
  9. Definitely they hate the Falcons. We cost them that perfect season. PS. F the Stainks!
  10. You're awesome!
  11. Where's part 2
  12. Out of bounds.
  13. Clearly out of bounds
  14. I still don't know why people think we have a good oline. I think it's the weakest part of our team. Mack=elite, Matthews=above average rest is at best average. Ryan never has all day to throw it seems like.
  15. Well we did ruin his perfect season.