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  1. Hard to say, hes running style doesn't translate well with this new NFL.Im afraid the concussions are gonna get him relatively fast.Love him but I'd say 2 more concussions might do it.
  2. Could very well be his younger brother in the middle rounds..Mike.
  3. Wouldn't be surprised if paul is gone as well....older and significant $$$.
  4. Now see???Someone who gets the humor.I like it.
  5. Im really just talking about how bad ryan is currently more than anything else. ..Murray just first to pop in my mind lol.Take hassleback as well.
  6. I mean I've been a big a matt ryan fan as there is....but he's done folks.**** I'd take Bill Murray at this point.
  7. Personally think we win the next three in a row and then either beat Carolina once or New Orleans to finish 10-6.
  8. If we win the turnover battle and run the ball effectively i would consider it a huge step in the right direction.
  9. But hey its all good...we definitely have some speed.
  10. Yeah I don't think tone would be way faster if at all...Norwood and Coleman both timed in the 4.3s
  11. Actually Norwood Height weight and speed are almost identical to Coleman more so than Tone.
  12. Looks like it happens to me on data plan only...when on WiFi it's all good.
  13. Then we drafted one in the second round...tells me they will keep him at safety.
  14. Hope we bring in Housler as well but probably not now.
  15. Hearing that TE Jacob Tamme apparently has agreed to contract with Falcons. I wouldn't rule out Broncos though until deal is announced. From his twitter..
  16. Should have already been done...our biggest Need and a young dominant pass rusher is available.
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