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  1. Good pickup...outstanding blocker to complement Hooper.
  2. Definitely dont see him getting past 2nd round.Maybe even late 1st depending on combine?
  3. If I recall correctly Quinn said in the season wrap up interview we are still running the zone scheme.I believe he will ultimately live or die by it.
  4. No issue with DK.#4verts
  5. Like the hire for TE coach. Brings tons of experience and some physicality.
  6. Love Lawrence at 14.Solidify these lines and we are right back in this thing.
  7. It sure got my attention lol
  8. That was my 1st thought.
  9. Yeah totally down with him as the TE coach.OC...not so much.
  10. We are.. but the tweet says for the OC job.Just surprised Is all.
  11. No doubt
  12. Alex marvez says he interviewed today.
  13. Maybe just maybe...we can be comfortable with his past and he has matured.Not sure.But he's a **** of a talent.
  14. Absolutely agree.If he is coming back as a OC and it's not Denver...its gotta be Atlanta.
  15. I think it's a fantastic option...would be thrilled if its Kubiak.