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  1. Matt Ryan has been the best thing about this team throughout his career. It's due to Matt Ryan that I even Google the score to the game on Sunday nights. I no longer have the interest or time to devote an afternoon to watching an NFL game. I'd much rather spend a Saturday watching college ball. Whatever interest that's left is due to Matt Ryan.
  2. spottie dopalicious Or... Who else wants to mess with Hollywood Court
  3. If the falcons have taught it's fan base one thing, it's to never have hope in the falcons. Until lesson is learned, lesson will be repeated.
  4. Lol. Until we as fans stop with the nonsense, stop spending our money, stop pretending were heading in the right direction, the sooner change will happen. Look at the bright side, we absolutely suck but have a beautiful new stadium to suck in. Paid for by hard earned tax dollars.
  5. Welcome to Atlanta, where the players we draft suck
  6. Again, the falcons have done absolutely nothing to warrant a single fan having an ounce of faith in this franchise. I don't like to play pretend. The equivalent to what you're doing, would be no different than you throwing on a wig, calling yourself Shirley, and then expect the get pregnant.
  7. LoL. Don't be so sensitive. You only get so bent out of shape because you know I'm right. The difference, I don't like playing pretend.
  8. I hope next year we draft by throwing darts at a dart board. Number the players, put the numbers on the dart board, then toss a dart. I can say without a doubt, we'd have better draft classes with this method.
  9. Everyone enjoys watching a good car wreck. The falcons are just that. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see them do well, but we all know deep down that they are destined to always be a bottom tier football team. They aren't respected. Our coach is a cheerleader. Our drafts are laughable. It would be illogical to put any faith on this franchise doing anything meaningful. The falcons deserve every bit of ridicule they get. Blowing a 28-3 lead in the super bowl is inexcusable.
  10. Jesus Christ shouldn't have been able to come back from 28-3. Make all the excuses you like... The falcons are the biggest chokers in the history of sports. The cool part, they were part of one of the biggest super bowl blowouts and then followed that up with chocking a monster lead. Oh, and I'm not alone. Look at the stands. The fancy new stadium tax payers built AB has been empty ever since we choked away the sb. The draft shouldn't be giving you any hope either. TD doesn't have a great track record. We wasted Roddys career. Now were in the process of doing the same to Julio and Matt. Hopefully they can go somewhere before their playing career is up and win a SB. They deserve better.
  11. Everyone enjoys watching a good car wreck. The falcons are just that.
  12. We choked a 28-3 super bowl. Would you expect anything different from a team capable of that? Everyone, from AB down to the flowery branch janitor should've been fired after that debacle. I've gotten married and had two daughters since then... Neither have known their dad to be a falcons fan - which would've been unimaginable prior to the biggest choke job in the history of sports. My most recent daughter came home from the hospital in a UGA outfit. I'm still shocked that we have fans willing to invest hope. The falcons are a joke.
  13. The falcons don't need a once in a century pandemic to ruin the season, they can manage that on their own.
  14. Really? I can't tell. Who's the one that's been upholding this standard?
  15. Nothing the falcons have done lately makes me optimistic about their future.
  16. Congrats. My daughter just turned three months. Never realized how much I would've regretted not having kids had I not met my wife and had our daughter.
  17. The word "analytics" is popping up more and more in pro football. Notice how many times he's dropped that word, knowing owners would like it. I actually think we'd be lucky to get him.
  18. tony Romo would never coach an offense for a few hundred k a year, or a million a year. The dude has it made right now. While Romo is busy, I hear Roger Goodell wants to give up his 10m a year job to become a punter. Sounds like a good idea to me.
  19. Debbie does Dallas. The fans and Atlanta resemble Debbie. She gets f&:#)ed a lot, just like us fans and Atlanta.
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