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  1. I voted brocklin, only because he was a mean drunk mf, but also really interesting. He'd tell you to F off in between throwing a touchdown and tossing down a few shots.
  2. This game was worse than it looked. Either you're a realist or you're not. You pretending otherwise won't change reality.
  3. If we're tired of the whole "Brotherhood" mantra, can you imagine the players? They zoned that ******** out a long time ago.
  4. I wish something other than our **** football team was to blame.
  5. Thank God for UGA and the Braves. This Braves team has been really fun to watch.
  6. 0-2
  7. Super Bowl... Super Bowl??? We can't even get a punt off.
  8. No. I don't think so.
  9. Over or under... $20,000.00 The price for Deion to agree to make this video?
  10. TD has no doubt been good for Atlanta. The only real beef would be some of his draft choices.
  11. It's Sunday morning, on a slow sports weekend, hosts will say almost anything to drum up interest. That being said, Sanu and a third would be a steal for Clowney.
  12. Lolol
  13. I've spent the last ten minutes explaining to my wife just how shocking this is. Ive been struggling to come up with an analogy she's get. I give luck credit, it would be easy to mail it in, not put in the work, and collect all of that money. It's always sad when a kid doesn't reach his potential though. Glad I'm not a colts fan.
  14. That sucks.
  15. Let's sign Peter Konz. )