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  1. Looks like the new wife every few years is getting expensive.
  2. There is something profoundly sad about cities / government helping finance billion dollar stadiums with tax money. Conservatives and liberals agree, just not city bureaucrats. If AB wants to buy ten boats, I could care less. He's worked hard for his money and should do whatever he wants. What a private citizen does with their money is none of my concern.
  3. Yet the city of Atlanta is buying him a stadium. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.
  4. I don't hate them. I used to, but not anymore. What they've accomplished, in a NFL built for parity, should be respected. While we blaming injuries, or whatever else, they readjust and keep winning. When we blame a Superbowl hangover, they go back the next year... And win. I'm not gonna hate them for being everything were not, and would love to be.
  5. I cut spending on anything falcons related after the SB debacle. It would only make sense for the saints to win their second sb in our house. I think we should drop our name and go with the "Atlanta Sadomasochists". 25 point lead... And lost.
  6. Good point. There are many factors into what makes us suck, but since the Vick years, this is a big reason.
  7. I don't think the NFL is rigged. I don't think the franchise is cursed. I do think the falcons suck, and mostly excel at crushing their fans hopes.
  8. Yes. He's a no nonsense type of dude.
  9. I'm so fed up with this team that I don't really care what they do.
  10. Worst. Idea. Ever. Georgia is headed in the right direction. Can't afford to lose Pittman after losing Mel Tucker.
  11. For the first time in years, I missed the first half of the season opener. The old me, would plan my entire work schedule, personal life, around the games. Not anymore. The super bowl was the first in a long line a disappointment that led to my interest in the falcons to drop. uga - still watch college ball the way I always have. Georgia and the Braves are most entertaining, but Georgia is the most entertaining.
  12. Yeah, that was a classic. His first pass also.
  13. Beat me to it...
  14. I rarely sign up for pay sites, but I've been really impressed with the athletic. Especially for uga news.
  15. Good move by the front office folks. No one player is above the team. I suspect Julio will show up next week, and this story will slowly die.