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  1. The falcons don't need a once in a century pandemic to ruin the season, they can manage that on their own.
  2. Really? I can't tell. Who's the one that's been upholding this standard?
  3. Nothing the falcons have done lately makes me optimistic about their future.
  4. This was demoralizing yet funny af at the same time
  5. Congrats. My daughter just turned three months. Never realized how much I would've regretted not having kids had I not met my wife and had our daughter.
  6. The word "analytics" is popping up more and more in pro football. Notice how many times he's dropped that word, knowing owners would like it. I actually think we'd be lucky to get him.
  7. tony Romo would never coach an offense for a few hundred k a year, or a million a year. The dude has it made right now. While Romo is busy, I hear Roger Goodell wants to give up his 10m a year job to become a punter. Sounds like a good idea to me.
  8. Debbie does Dallas. The fans and Atlanta resemble Debbie. She gets f&:#)ed a lot, just like us fans and Atlanta.
  9. Changing ocs every other year is getting old. Who's to say we can get anyone better? DQ is not perfect, but he'll be a better coach next year than this year. I think it also says a lot that despite the challenges of this year, he's got the support of the locker room. As of right now, I think DQ keeps his job.
  10. 0.00% chance McKay is fired.
  11. Half right, half wrong) The doomed forever part is spot on
  12. Fitting. Heard after the sb, they were rocking Tupacs, "wonda why they call u *****".
  13. Jerry Glanville For real though, Mike Zimmer. We never should've let him get away. Tomlin is a piece of poop. That sideline stunt told me everything I need to know about him.