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  1. Sad. Keep riding the horse. 3 ints all not on Ryan huh. It's his line... Delusional sad fans
  2. What other attributes? Are those weapons less than what half the league had? Man please, don't be delusional. Brady, Wilson, Rodgers, etc would have loved to have those options! But Ryan needs more huh...
  3. Wasn't one second... What are you looking at? Sure he didn't get to sit back there for 20 seconds but those ints were UNFORCED. Terrible placement on his balls today. He freaking stepped into the throw to gage only for it to go inside him a yard. He was inaccurate outside of 10 to 6 yards throws. He did make a nice sidestep ONCE this game. ONCE... Make a **** play
  4. Julio, Ridley, Hooper, Hurst, Gage and now Pitts. Patterson bailed him out a few times as did our rookie TE. He had plenty of **** weapons and it's the same story all over again. You can't argue that if he had better oline protection he would be better... **** Rosen looks like a the goat with protection too. It's how you play under pressure that separates talent. Matty has been melting but it's everyone else's fault always. Hold him accountable just like the rest of them. Nobody is talking about the DRASTIC improvement Mayfield made week to week. Sure he had a false start but he gave up 1 **** pressure this game! But Ryan need more. Of course he does...
  5. So are we gonna talk about the elephant in the room? Ryan has a tell on every throw he wants to put zip on (well whatever zip he has). He pats the ball every time before his release. It's a huge reason he getting balls batted down. Every defensive player in the league knows about it. He doesn't have the strength in his ball to negate it. Plenty of time to react. Ridley was visibly upset at Ryan on the drive he scored a td. He was inaccurate and the d knew they could react to him playing zone. Rewatch the game and you will see it.
  6. A lot better protection than last week! And he looked worse. Facts!
  7. 21 points from 3 Ryan ints and y'all still riding this horse. Ok cool lol
  8. So I guess Ryan had trash to work with 4 years in a row huh. LMAO some of you fans...
  9. Man get tf outta here. Those 2 tip ints Ryan could have gotten the ball in better placement. Much better protection than last week and much worse performance. Compare the pressures week to week. He is regressing and nobody wants to admit it.
  10. He deserves to sit there smug. All he as ever done is whip our *****
  11. Ok bro. I respect your opinion but I stand by mine as well.
  12. Ryan needs more than that. He always needs more. 3rd tip pass. I guess it's not his fault either
  13. Here we go lol. **** just accept he made the mistake. Stop blindly following him...
  14. Wasn't Mayfields fault. It was on Davis for missing the blitz pickup. But Ryan still had time to throw. He stepped into the throw and it was still behind Gage
  15. Keep making excuses. Ryan has been throwing the ball behind his receivers ALL game! What are you watching! Throw the ball long or take the sack. It's simple.
  16. Patterson made the play. 3 yard pass by Ryan and it's amazing smh
  17. Man y'all hatin *** mf. He's improved dramatically. He's barely practiced there...
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