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  1. Geez. So not taking a QB is the best move in the first huh... 🤦🏾‍♂️
  2. You gotta be kidding me. The dude was talking about retirement in his press conference. Even he knows he's trash.
  3. I can agree hindsight is 20/20. My attitude is not directed at you bro. I just hate what this team has become. Frustrated.
  4. So currently what would be the Falcons side of the grass would this current team be? This team is literally one of the worst watches in all professional sports. Constantly find a way to lose in spectacular fashion. Seems like the grass that we are currently on is made full of ****. Other side can't be much worse than standing in ****... But I do agree Jake Matthews is probably the 10th best LT.
  5. Doesn't mean it was the right move. I understand we were within our window then but now we will pay for that present minded philosophy. Hedged our future for 2 years of trash football.
  6. Hard to win when your qb turns the ball over at double the rate in the second half of games also. Did not rise to the occasion this year.
  7. Ok cool. There's always 2 sides to the story but I can respect your conclusion.
  8. His job is only safe due to TD and his constant restructuring. He did the same with Jake Matthews and it will also bite us in the *** later too.
  9. He's had more than what 90% of this leagues QBs have had. He couldn't get it done and that's a fact. It's not just Ryan, don't get me wrong. It's just time for a new direction and he's the leader of the old regime players. We are only known for failure and empty offensive stats. Constant letdowns and absolutely humiliating losses. It definitely was not all Ryan's fault but he represents that phase of Falcon history. It's time to blow this entire **** storm up and it starts at the top.
  10. Yet we have neither of those... I wanted a loss. This season was awful and thank goodness it finally ended... With an L lol.
  11. Did you not read what I said bro... I said YES Freeman missed the block, yes Shanny got cute... But when I even remotely say that Ryan holds responsibility for the loss as well, people can't comprehend that.
  12. And to people that love his stats, Ryan has more than double the amount of ints in the second half of games than the first half. When it was time to step up this year, he turned the ball over at more than double the rate. I can post these stats if you want me too.
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