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  1. I'm at work but no worries man. I was just posting I was coming at you too hard about this lol.
  2. Lol. Look at the 3rd clip in your own evidence man https://www.google.com/amp/s/247sports.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/Article/Cleveland-Browns-How-Andy-Janovich-And-Austin-Hooper-Elevated-The-Browns-Run-Game-151642556/Amp/ He barely makes contact and Chubb does all the work. That's not even classified as a block. More like getting in the way.
  3. And what is your claim that Hooper was any better? He wasn't and that's a fact. Right now Hurst is out performing Hooper in every facet of the game right now for a fraction of the cost. More yards, more TDs and yes a better blocker...
  4. I provided proof for my argument, where is yours? Hurst might not be a world beater at blocking but certainly is MUCH better than Hooper ever was. Take off the rose colored glasses just for a moment...
  5. Here's a whole thread dedicated to Hooper's terrible blocking. It's an illusion thinking this guy was better at blocking than what we currently have. The cutups are also here for reference.
  6. Quite serious... I'll post the Hooper cutups if i find them
  7. Are you guys serious about Hooper's blocking? He was terrible at it! I remember a guy doing a cutup of Hooper's missing blocks and getting blown up. I'll post if I find it. There isn't a coincidence that the run game is much better this year regardless of the poor overall play the first 5 games. Hurst is a much better blocker.
  8. Justin Jefferson is pretty good. Sheff had a solid game, but Jefferson had a better one. Best rookie wr through the first 6 games. He has more yards than Diggs and Moss through their first 6 games which is pretty insane...
  9. Also anyone notice we didn't rotate Carpenter and Hennessy today? I hated that dumb ****...
  10. The defensive play is a direct indictment on Quinn's old school Tampa 2 bs
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