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  1. How much are we on the hook if we trade him?
  2. Nice return. Matthews needs to be next. If the Texans gave up 2 firsts for Tunsil, then Matthews may garner more. His cap hit balloons from 8 mill to 17 next year.
  3. Keep him in. We need the highest draft picks possible. Longer he stays, more Ls we take...
  4. And? Campbell played both WLB and SLB. Foye subbed in at all 3 LB positions
  5. That's completely fine in my mind. I was just trying to think who can semi replicate Neal in run support.
  6. Well I thought of this but really see Foye as Campbell's eventual replacement. I think Foye replaces Campbell in the starting lineup this year...
  7. This is a reply I can respect. Actual insight.
  8. Really... Just a thought since Ish can't cover to save his life.
  9. How about we try crosstraining Grace at safety with Neal out? If Ish can move from safety to lb why can't the same be possible? I know the responsibilities are much different but the tools are there. He's great in space, plays the ball well, covers TEs and can come in the box and lay a hit. I'm not saying go and start him there immediately, just try crosstraining training him there to see if he can handle the responsibilities. He's faster than Ish (man is he slow) and more physical than Neasman. I know this is a concept that many may disagree with but would like to know your thoughts on this...
  10. OP. Man I love the way this guy plays! We left him in on a ton of obvious passing played because of the amount of penetration he got. He absorbed his double team and almost always got 2 steps in the backfield. QB can't step up into his throw. If Beasley gets 8 sacks 4 to 5 of them will be because of Davidson and/or Grady's penetration. He is stout and plays with tremendous leverage. He's not your typical nose weighing in at just 309 (actually lighter than he was coming out of college). but he plays like he's 340 because of that leverage he gets. Former high school wrestler. Can disengage easily with his 34" arms and use that strength he has (32 reps of 225) to shed and tackle. Heck yes we should lock him up with a Jack Crawford type contract if we are lucky. He's the biggest surprise to me and made the decision to not take Dexter Lawrence make much more sense.
  11. You also have to remember how much pressure was put upon this defense Sunday. Not only with Ryan having another terrible game with turnovers, but Bosher couldn't punt over 40 yards... Most possessions started with the Eagles on their 45 or better. Really amazing stuff. I think the issues in the Vikings game when it came to run fits is really the understanding of 3-4 under and gap responsibilities. In that game, it wasn't our D getting blown off the ball on run plays, it was simply guys were confused about their gap responsibilities. Takk had to realize that he doesn't have that WLB behind him and he is the last line of defense before the secondary. He can't be as aggressive and must maintain contain. Same for Beasley although his run fits during the Vikings game weren't as egregious. Davidson and Bailey played well in both games. Grady has been a legit BEAST and worth every penny. He's continuing to ascend. If the D continues this, Ryan would only need to limit his turnovers to win the majority of our games. It's up to him to tighten up and I think he will.
  12. My issue with this is that we did the same against a Vikings team whose strength is their DEs and speedy LBs also. Vikings DTs are middle of the pack at best and we still chose only stretch runs and toss plays. To think the stretch run was a strategy employed just to offset the Eagles isn't true. It's all Koetter runs.
  13. What about the outside zone was working exactly?
  14. I just think Koetter needs to work on his run designs. Get with Murarkey and design some runs between the tackles. All of these tosses and stretch runs were driving me mad. I wonder if Ryan can check to a quick slant or something similar when an obvious blitz is coming. I did not see this last night. Other than that the play calling was ok.