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  1. Sada Tay LOL
  2. Thanks Hjerry, been looking for some tape on this dude for the longest...
  3. No, that's not standard lol. Very fluid especially for being almost 6'9". Knee bend is solid too. Those handstands at the end kinda crazy for a huge guy.
  4. Good ol Colonel Angus LMAO. Walken might not have been the best for this bit, but the whole skit was too funny not to get a laugh lol.
  5. Ahem.
  6. Slightly off topic but had the opportunity to meet a friend of mines grandfather who is Norwegian. Let me frame this by saying I'm 6'3" 240. When she said he was 90, I was expecting to meet an elderly man. I was in for a surprise lol. This guy came to the door and was at least 6'5" 300 plus and moved like he was on his early 50s, maybe late 40s. One of the firmest handshakes I received from a human lol. Was there to help them move a giant swing that he build by hand. This thing was huge and easily over 300 pounds of solid wood. He grabbed 1 end and asked me to grab the other... Together, we moved this massive thing to a trailer attached to his truck while I was still in complete shock. This guy is 90 freaking years old and is still a massive powerhouse!!! If I'm half the man he is at that age, I'll be doing wonderful! Anyways, I just say that to say that these Norwegian dudes are build differently (not trying to bring race or nationality into this, I'm black lol), I'm just saying though... This guy may be 26 but with low mileage, his age shouldn't be an issue at all. If he can take coaching, may have our swing tackle vacancy filled for a long time...
  7. Jack mentioned that he thought he would be playing mostly DT in his first radio interview in March. Quinn told him he liked his quickness and length inside. Also touches on his improved play against run at DT. Hard worker and nonstop motor. Has good length and much improved strength from his combine performance. Above average burst from the interior. Plenty of tools for Quinn to play with and insurance for Shelby if he doesn't come back from injury like expected. Rugby background so not afraid to mix it up at all. Very solid signing with him playing limited snaps. He can burn himself out if he gets too many snaps, just plays too hard to sustain for long periods. Not the most exciting interview in the world but was informative. Also realized he's English with his heavy accent. Might have the most players in the league with Euro backgrounds when you include him, Knappe and Dable... Gotta shout out to the scouting department for thinking outside the box, all 3 of these dudes are talented.
  8. I also see him as a FS. Takes very good angles to the ball carrier, much more naturally than Allen. I do think he can compete for a starting position. Allen is opportunistic as opposed to Kazee's aggressiveness when the ball is in the air. He can win 50/50 balls. He gets his head turned around very early when the ball is in the air. Ball skills are A1 but he's also an underrated tackler. Kazee sites this as his best attribute, his tackling... We can also use a guy like him because he contrasts well to Poole. Poole is a strong, stout slot corner that does well against slot wrs that are striders. Poole can jam them off their route then fall back into his zone responsibility. He can struggle getting a hand on quick footed guys off the line as we saw in the Superbowl. Kazee is has very good feet and sticky coverage and isn't solely reliant on a hard jam. Dude is gonna get snaps at both nickle and fs. May be deployed as early as game 2 vs GB.
  9. Agreed. Curious though about your thoughts on Kazee. Do you think he can play FS or is he just a contrast to Poole at nickle against certain matchups?
  10. It's up to him. He has the tools but the ball is in his court. Dude is coming from being the guy who had the most touches in FBS to maybe a 10 snap guy in our system. Mentally, it's gonna be tough for him but has to have the right mind set.
  11. Hmm. Maybe that hammy hindered his 40 time too. Runs faster than 4.8 on tape. Really hopes he sticks with us and has his hand in the dirt more often than not. His explosion off the snap is night and day with his hands in the dirt than not.
  12. We have Julio. Doesn't matter who is checking him.
  13. That's a fair assessment. Since Hill is very good in pass pro, they ask him to block often. Around the 2.20 mark, he catches a ball for a short gain. Around the 7.25 mark they line him up wide but this appears to be a designed qb draw. Around 8.25, they tried a screen pass to him but was sniffed out and incomplete. Very limited footage I can find with him catching the ball, but does not look out of place when he does. I can see him on the majority of his passing downs being a designated blocker, but he does have the ability to also sneak into the flat and catch a ball every once in a while...
  14. Note the word "arguably" in my quote my dude. In my eyes, his only competition is David Johnson and Freeman. That is your opinion and can respect that. Of course every player is different, so is every person on this planet, but to insinuate that both Coleman and Hill similar college receiving circumstances have nothing to do with each other is kinda silly honestly. Fact is that they BOTH had limited opportunities to catch the ball in college. With that said. both of these guys receiving skills were underrated or undervalued coming out. That's the point I was making.
  15. Yep. I think he can still add 5 to 10 pounds of muscle to his frame without losing speed. 6'1" is pretty tall for a back so that added weight can be spread over that pretty easily...