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  1. Exactly. Would have liked to have seen him in our system. 4-3 might have brought the best out of him... Oh well
  2. Sigh... Darron Lee to Chiefs for a 6th... One less dude on the market.
  3. Nice find Cole! He's perfect for our scheme. Doesnt get beat deep and makes teams pay when they try him deep. Nice cover 3 fit and future starter next to Oliver after some grooming. Wouldn't mind throwing him into the fire early to get his feet wet. The more experience the better.
  4. He was trash, let's be real bro.
  5. Thank you for the complement bro! Coming from you it means a lot...
  6. Foye deserves to start. He got better each game.
  7. At SLB and DE only. Carter at backup MLB and Grace as backup WLB. Not high on Ish.
  8. Agreed but he is the most versatile on the market right now. 2 birds, 1 stone and shouldn't break the bank.
  9. Right now, Jamie Collins. 1 year prove it deal.
  10. I was down with the Darron Lee rumors. He fits our archetype and would do it for a 6th...
  11. Dude got beat like a drum on double moves all last year... May have not been all TDs but he was beat like a drum with them...
  12. Meh. 3 rounders are valuable. Those guys are supposed to develop into starter level guys later on. I just remembered how much I wanted Carl Lawson at that pick... We saw how that turned out smdh...
  13. That was 2 days later though lol. Had to wait a bit for that good feeling lol
  14. Yea. Which is why I was surprised when you were optimistic earlier lol. You should have seen your boi in Republic bar watching the draft... The amount of shots it took for it to sink in that we went offense twice in the first round would have shocked you lol. I totally get you wanna protect your 130 million dollar man but **** our Defense last year was historically trash... We are losing games puttin up 30 points... I just hope the run game can help the D, cuz **** our defense was awful...
  15. Tru is ok if he chills on biting on double moves. He got killed last year on double moves for TDs all last year. All I'm sayin is if he doesn't step it up this year, we shouldn't hesitate moving on without him because we owe him money. Gotta cut your losses bro.