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  1. This is my first time posting about Hawks but as Bogi is my homie I feel obligated to chip in I watched him as a youngster playing for Partizan, Serbia and for our national team as well. Tremendous work ethic, high basketball IQ. Plays the game the right way and he is a willing passer. Underrated as a playmaker but more useful as a 2 coming off screens for catch and shoot situations but he improved as a shot creator lately. He is not terrible defender but not really his strength. Kings were/are a mess and failed to create a winning culture, which is tough for Bogi as he was used to w
  2. "I've gotten to work with Todd and he's awesome,'' Ryan told ESPN's Vaughn McClure. "Really, really good guy. A hard worker. He's super-smart. The stuff I was telling him one day, the next day he had it done. I was really impressed with his ability to retain information. You don't have to tell him twice. He's on it.''
  3. Man are we a feeder club to Arizona Cardinals or what ? Abraham, Peters, Spoon, Alford and now Campbell
  4. Im pretty sure we would have missed the chip shoot FG somehow...I just know it
  5. I completely agree. And besides that one play by DK Metcalf, a double move, late in the game, I don't recall him giving up any big plays by Seattle. Kid is solid as they come thus far.
  6. Only way we make this run game work if Matt is able to convert 3rd downs like he did yesterday. Minny was not even good against the run entering week 6 😔 One thing I would like us to do when we are in the red zone is to feature Gurley more times than not.
  7. Gurley looked waaaay to slow for an effective RB, Hill was explosive out there. That said, I did not see any open holes...
  8. Yeah...I am certain that Ryan was calling the shots in the huddle and on LOS. Also, none of our ineffective running game works unless we convert on 3rd downs, which we did very well. Credit to Ryan on most of those conversions. #washedup#noodlearm#slow#tank4trevor
  9. No running back in first 4 rounds but we take a WR...OK
  10. This...and lets not pretend that Rodgers had Randy Moss and Jerry Rice on the outside... Koetter is just terrible, said it back when he rejoined that it was a gutless move to bring him back and I was not wrong (sadly). Our inability to run the ball is horrible and is really holding this offense back.
  11. Hill and Smith looked decent on limited carries, especially outside the tackles.
  12. I am surprised the team did not shop him prior / during the draft period. Lack of pass rush moves and now bad shoulders...it's a bad combo for a Dend.
  13. umm Rodgers was not the goat we used to know these past few years, there is no denying that.
  14. Man Boogie sucks at twokay LMAO
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