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  1. He said something like: "it's their (falcons) superbowl and if we (niners) don't threat this game as our superbowl, we gonna get our ***** kicked"...
  2. Um, I don't wanna be a Negative Nancy here...but linkage pls ?
  3. or a 3 step drop play as it was 2nd and 11...Alex could barely walk in the 4th quarter.
  4. aahh, so you are saying that Ryan decided to call 7 step drop play... hmm, interesting. I don't see anyone open on that play, maybe free but looks like it the catch would be hella contested. It's simple, Mack was down a leg and got dominated on that play - simple.
  5. This is how I see it. Put Ryan on this 49ers team or this Vikings team and they are Super Bowl bound, easy. Now I might be looking at things through my Homer glasses but lemme just say this - in span of 5 days (Sunday to Thursday), Matt was SACKED 15 times. 15!?!?!?!?!? $#@$#^%&%$&$%&^$^#$% Show me another QB who would play straight after that beating. I'll wait. Our offense sucks b4lls. Ever since they announced Koetter I knew this was coming. This offense is dull, requires OLine to hold the rush for a looong time for long developing routes...AND we can't run block to save our lives. Devonta might not be goated with HOF ankle breaker like he was in 2016. but none of our back looked better tbh. It's our blocking, it's our scheme, it's Koetter...
  6. Mike Mularkey and Koetter hires were head scratches for me. It's like taking the easy route where DQ won't be threatened by a new guy who could shake things up, who would maybe try new things have a different approach...getting our ex coaches back showed lack of guts to me.
  7. Let's not forget that Free is 1 concussion away from an early retirement
  8. FFS we couldn't mustard 5mil per y for TeCo?! Im a dissapoint
  9. Matt needs to do this if he is serious about bringing Lombardy Trophy to Atlanta. He is awesome and all but he ain't carrying the whole team. He needs the pieces and a defense to hold the forth.
  10. Can he play RT ? Maybe he can rush the passer ?
  11. lmao the ball was not tipped c'mon
  12. J-Train in the 3rd /thread