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  1. I always draft Julio!
  2. Last year, I've picked up Mike for my fantasy team (had CMC) and he did not disappoint!
  3. I thought Joey Harrington replaced Vick 🙃 Mike Vick was the sole reason I became a fan of this franchise but I'd be lying if I said otherwise - Mike Vick f'ed us up, big time. Vick replaced Vick . Yes, he said he was sorry, yes he is a changed man and I can respect him again as a player and I guess as a man but Im Matt Ryan all the way any day of the week!
  4. Charges make the most sense to me. It's LA, he loves LA and the ocean...now the winning part it's gonna be difficult
  5. I love Julio to death but I really don't see how he wants to get outta here AND win? He is not a FA, he doesn't get to choose where he plays next. Ramsey, AJ Brown and Hopkins and all others trying to recruit him can all kick rocks if their teams don't win the bidding war for Julio.
  6. How is this a good comeback? Are they implying we are trading Julio ? Seems salty AF to me. Saints better take care of their salary cap and prepare for life without Brees.
  7. this Imagine having to chat for 3 straight hours 5 days a week during this dry (sports) season...sheesh! Beats the **** outta any daily "discussion/debate" show currently on IMO. BTW, this show STINKS!
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