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  1. Now the real questions...can he rush the passer? Can he play RG? I thought so!
  2. How is Ryan a system QB ? We changed our offense so many times since '08. On the other hand, Belichick kept pretty much the same offense for Brady since day 1
  3. not sure if Jake is top 10 LT
  4. Soccer needs to be seen as a everyday Joe's game. In Europe (where I am from) you can see kids play it everywhere. In the US, it's like a rich man's thing and I fail to see why. It's not expensive, you can play it in your "tennis" shoes and you just need a flat surface to run and kick the ball between 2 sticks or whatever you find to act as goal posts.
  5. Everyday Joe would reckon that we are set at WR/TE...and yes, we are good. However, I have my concerns. Sanu was improvement over Roddy version 2015 but then again, any NFL wideout would be. When we look at Sanu's production and stats, he was just an average no.2 WR in 2016. Shanny mainly used him on the inside, TE-ish routes when we had to move the chains and he was clutch, I give him that but overall, I expected more especially since we had to pay top $$$ to get him. Where were those trick plays? On the other hand our offense was build to spread the football and Ryan used all of his receivers thus 1 Cole Beasley had better numbers than Sanu. I'm am not going to spend my time praising what Gabriel did for us. He came out of nowhere, hit the ground running and never looked back. Aldrick Robinson had 1 great catch (against Carolina) and that's it. Hardy is inconsistent, not sure he has a future with the team. At tight end, Tammy was good but can't block and Lavine, it is what it is, he is not Gronk that's for sure. Hooper kid I really like (what a draft we had in 2016). His injury slowed him down a bit but I expect him to be involved a lot more next season. What I am going for here is whether we can build on this or will we regress. It's really tough to replicate the kind of offense we had last year. On the other hand, Sanu can surely improve his production if given the opportunity. Hooper should be better, more confident and more comfortable now that he's no rookie. We can unleash Gabriel right away to complement Julio and with our backs healthy and improvements on the OLine, we should be able to put 30 on regular basis. TD;DR On paper we are good and hopefully we can build from there.
  6. Chip Kelly in ATL after what Philly incident(s)? Plus, he is another guy who can't manage the clock so I'll pass. Also, I'm not overly impressed with what he did with the offenses he had in the NFL.
  7. Always been a fan of Barwin but he is over 30 and he got hurt this year if I remember it correctly. If healthy, he would be a maaaaaajor upgrade over Reed.
  8. Thanks Xfactor, just what the doctor ordered -.- The defense played lights out I agree but they gave up near the end...it was just too much for them. Brady was eating up the field with ease.
  9. Free was expecting a sceen pass or something like that. I agree, it was a big one but he did came back the very next drive with a huge catch and run. Free had an amazing game. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to have their head checked. Sorry.
  10. Was Quinn at fault for poor playcalling? Did he snap the ball with 20 seconds on the play clock? We run a hurry up offense in the 4th quarter ffs!
  11. DL and OL upgrades please. Brady threw 60 times and he was hit less times than Ryan. The only time Matt could have went through this reads was off play fakes. Compton didn't help too.
  12. Freeman missed one block on a retarded playcall. ONE! Now he's a second stringer? After he balled out like that ? H3ll no!