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  1. I am surprised the team did not shop him prior / during the draft period. Lack of pass rush moves and now bad shoulders...it's a bad combo for a Dend.
  2. umm Rodgers was not the goat we used to know these past few years, there is no denying that.
  3. Man Boogie sucks at twokay LMAO
  4. Our logo actually reminds me of ole all pro football 2k8 "vultures" logo. phuck madden
  5. I didn't know that Matt LaFleur's brother is a passing game coordinator for the Niners...interesting.
  6. Julio kinda threw Dimi under the bus and I love it
  7. Julio had an awful 1st game. Go re-watch how Minny took him away and Matt was terrible as well.
  8. not bad at all. I'd take DJ over Samuel myself. I think he has that dog in him, and kinda reminds me to young Steve Smith. He cracked 1000 yards receiving but only had 4 TDs
  9. IMHO DJ Moore is a good WR and he can get better with improved QB play of course. And they have that CMC monster also. Now Olsen is probably gone so they are probably one more weapon away from actually having some decent options.
  10. @Gbpack10 you are class as usual. I appreciate you dropping by to say thanks. It was our pleasure to take down Taints in their building and help you get your 1st round bye. Great team all around you guys have this year. Aaron Jones was just about the only good played I had this year on my fantasy team lol. Best of luck to you in the playoffs. I just know "Mr Pornstar" will take off and, cough...unload on someone. I'm rooting for you guys.
  11. I shouted "coward move" when we brought back DK last off-season and DQ goes like this ? Wow...Im lost for words. I don't care if we are 5th in ypg or 3rd in passing yards...check out top passing teams and tell me if they made the playoffs... 13th in total points with the guys that we have, it's not getting it done in my book.
  12. You guys do realize that AR has bunch of no name targers to throw to? Adams was banged up this year and Jimmy Graham is a shelf of his former self. That said, that ground game the Pack have...that's something else.
  13. I'm soo happy for Jet Jones! Man he deserves all of it...that said, he did drop a couple of easy balls
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