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  1. One thing Im noticing lately, is that we play way too much off with our corners. You do that and skinny a$$ WR like Roby Anderson burns you twice on a go route...
  2. He sure shut you up with his game today.
  3. extremely soft DPI ... these refs I tell ya #$%#$% I saw a couple obvious holds by the Miami Oline on Ajayi's long gains in the 4th quarter. 1:13 and 1:40 both on Shelby I think
  4. Ankle breaker on Hall Of Fame in action
  5. Hold on, now this was funny http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=19974762&sf97532720=1
  6. Teams didn't have tape on Neal last season and there were times where he looked and played, well like a rookie. Take Chiefs game, he got absolutely bossed by Kelce but I know these things happen. Hopefully he continues to work on his craft and gets even better this year. It was really exciting seeing him play, made me jump out of my seat more than once last year and gave me flashes of WillyMo, when he didn't whiff
  7. Now the real questions...can he rush the passer? Can he play RG? I thought so!
  8. How is Ryan a system QB ? We changed our offense so many times since '08. On the other hand, Belichick kept pretty much the same offense for Brady since day 1
  9. not sure if Jake is top 10 LT
  10. Soccer needs to be seen as a everyday Joe's game. In Europe (where I am from) you can see kids play it everywhere. In the US, it's like a rich man's thing and I fail to see why. It's not expensive, you can play it in your "tennis" shoes and you just need a flat surface to run and kick the ball between 2 sticks or whatever you find to act as goal posts.