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  1. Chargers won the uniform race. Comparing our new uniforms to the Rams new uniforms. Ours are better.
  2. I was also wondering the development of the minor leaguers.
  3. I liked them when I 1st saw them. I like them even more today.
  4. I like the helmet as well. The silver touches, the bigger logo, the satin finish. I like that the Falcon looks like it's in attack mode.
  5. Like I said in the other post, as long as the team is winning games, the fans won't care what the unis look like.
  6. I like them. Especially with the different combinations. The gradiant will grow on me. As long as we're winning football games wearing them, the fans won't care what the unis look like.
  7. I totally agree. I always thought this was very. looking.
  8. I like this. Use this or a black jersey as the alternate.
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