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  1. I think most ppl who post on messageboards are either extreme one way or the other. Most ppl who i talk to in the real world are extremly excited.
  2. Flowers was not a pioli guy. he was drafted by the prev regime.
  3. I think it would be sweet to do a poll on which falcon was the best all time at their positron. example the qb position would be ryan vs vick vs chandler vs bartkowski, or whoever. and do that every day. thoughts.
  4. if u want one of these truly great DEs , then u got to get them get them early in the draft. we won't be picking that early so we would have to make that trade in order to get one. i'd do the trade to get a pass rusher of his potential.
  5. i 've never noticed it was a F until someone pointed it out. now it seems obvious.
  6. just my 2 cents, but i think our current unis look awesome in natural light. in the dome or domes, not so much.
  7. I remember pre 2008 thinking every year "We might be good, but don't get your hopes up."
  8. I love ur Gif or whatever those are called. puts a smile on my face. + i remember that episode.
  9. when did this turn a Tebow + Gay topic? not that there is anything That.
  10. We lost because the Eagles were just much better us that year. The entire nfc was weak that year. Two 8-8 in the playoffs.
  11. WE just need the 06 colts defense. they played awesome inspite of Manning.
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