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  1. I love the Moore hit after the pick at about 2.07!
  2. i've followed the falcons for 5 years or so now. Living in the UK i struggle to know everything thats going on in the NFL. I've got some idea of what it will be like, but can someone tell me what they think the falcons depth chart will look like after training camp?? thanks
  3. we need Antwan Odom from the Bengals lol, 7 sacks in 2 games, 5 sacks today!
  4. Then miss the 2 point conversion, attempt an onside kick, falcons recover, 1st play, hand off to turner, he takes it to the house?
  5. Anderson have a few goes at DT?? then Biermann and Davis take LE
  6. Turner just isn't looking right! Its not the same turner off last year!
  7. turners just not breaking tackles! hes playing kinda soft
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