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  1. The coaching staff have stood by Beasley and paid him despite his mediocrity. Athletically Beasley was 100% capable of being a premier pass rusher. Unfortunately he’s clearly not been held accountable and not been coached properly. He’s got away with being average and his talent has gone to waste. You can’t blame Beasley for getting paid £13 million despite being average. If my work offered me a huge pay rise for being awful at my job I’d happily accept and continue to give them that level of work because clearly that’s what they want from me.
  2. The only positive is a loss like that has to put more pressure on the FO to move on from Quinn. A Defensive Head Coach who takes full responsibility for the defense..... concede 53 points! Yikes!
  3. The only excuse you could make for koetter is he has no opportunity to establish a run because we always seem to be 14 points down within 5 minutes. With that being said it is unbelievably predictable. Absolutely zero inventiveness
  4. Predictable offense, soft defense, ill disciplined team, awful coaching. the players haven’t executed, but their not being put in positions to succeed. Too talented a roster to be a bottom 5 team, I think head coach has to change. Quinn’s ship has sailed
  5. Worrying that Koetter can’t scheme receivers open at all, he’s got some pretty useful weapons to work with
  6. There isn’t anyone, been happening all game, we’ve thrown the ball 50 times and the only guy getting open is hooper.
  7. May as well give hill and Ito some touches in second half see if they can do anything. Think we’ll do okay offensively second half and make some solid adjustments. Problem is the defense is gonna struggle throughout
  8. That 3rd and 15 was awful. I hated the call, I’d have hated it if we were a disciplined sure tackling defense. We are neither of those at the moment which makes that play call even harder to understand
  9. That td is just a great ball, don’t mind that so much, the main issue is how they moved the ball down the field, that 3rd and long call is appalling, and Oliver’s angle on that run was tough to watch
  10. As bad as we were, take away the ill discipline in terms of penalties and we win that game. If there’s anything that’s fixable in a week or two it’s an emphasis on not giving up penalties. Offense isn’t a huge concern, yes the INT’s are an issue, but I’d be comfortable in believing Matt will sort that out. The run game looked better yesterday and providing we stop the awful starts we shouldn’t have to give up on the run so early in future games. Looks like ollison or hill will get a chance to show something next week or two as well. Defense is the concern, for a team that preaches about takeaways we don’t do a lot of it. Pass rush has been good in my opinion, we’ve got to the qb plenty and just not converted them in to sacks. Gradys toe injury could be a big problem. Oliver is going to have to step up as he’s gonna continue to get picked on. I’d like to see Kazee go back to fs and Rico slide to strong, especially on passing downs.
  11. It’s only gonna get tougher for Oliver too, he is going to be targeted like crazy. Todays gonna be a tough one for Quinn, a career backup qb (albeit a good one) tore his defence to shreds. There’s enough talent on the defence to at least be a bit difficult to break down. Quinn takes most the accountability for today, ill discipline, poor scheme, too slow to adjust.
  12. That’s the problem, you don’t really want to throw in one of the rookies cause you’ll have exact same issue, should have bought in a cheap vet as cover really
  13. I think the issue is he isn’t ready to start. He should rotate in occasionally. As things stand he’s just getting picked on
  14. Just heard injury report that it’s Achilles, still gonna be tough to come back with a bum knee and bum ankle
  15. He knows that’s him done for the year unfortunately! tough to come back from two acl’s at all, let alone to come back and play at the level required. Really gutted for him.
  16. If you ever needed proof that sacks aren’t the benchmark for measuring a pass rusher. Takks stat line is 2 tackles... I think that’s the best game I’ve seen from takk, was a constant nuisance plus was going up against Jason Peters!
  17. I would probably agree he’s not the same player he was a few years ago, however he’s still a viable starting back, problem is he’s got nothing to run behind. i do think Ito needs more touches and either hill or ollison needs to be active in place of maybe Riley (between Campbell, Jones, grace and foye we should be fine considering we’re mainly in nickel and ish can be emergency cover)
  18. We have to play aggressive and get after wentz, can’t play prevent and rush 3
  19. Cant run the ball which has made us pretty one dimensional. I’d give Ito a series and try establish the run again, the blocking hasn’t been good enough for free, but Ito has showed some ability to make something out of nothing today
  20. Inability to run the ball is absolutely killing us. Gonna be tough to close this game out if we have to pass all night
  21. Foles has been a career back up though, so its the only way you can really describe him. The only year he really was an effective starter was that one year in Philly when he threw like 30 tds and 2 ints. I aint taking anything away from Foles and winning his superbowl. But i think the point being made is Philly getting a ring last year was way more than just thanks to a QB's performance. Think they averaged like 6 yards a carry in the Superbowl, pretty useful when you run an RPO offense.
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