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  1. There was clearly and emphasis on the run game. But the defense is at least half the reason for the success. The fact we weren't 20 points behind by the end of the first quarter let us stick with the run game. Statistically it was still a fairly average rushing performance though. Hill averaged 3.0 ypc and Free 3.8 ypc. Our main success came from outside runs. The 2 carries from Barner and Ridley and the 2 outside runs for Hill. Our inside run game was underwhelming really. But still a vast improvement because we were able to keep the defence honest and actually have a decent run/pass balance. Hopefully we continue to build on it. I really liked Hill's ability to fight for an extra yard or 2.
  2. Rewatching the game now (because it’s one of the only games of football I’ve been able to enjoy this season) We definitely played a lot smarter. Offense benefitted in being able to stick with the run because we actually had a lead. Oline did a good job, liked seeing hill fighting for yards, gage saw plenty of time, also looks like Blake and zaccheaus are gonna see time over hardy now, plus they were both playing gunner. The turn around on defense was unbelievable. Looked as though Kazee took a lot of safety reps off of Ishmael after first quarter, Kazee has to be playing safety, the guy is always around the ball when at safety and can easily play next to Rico. Foye had a very good game. Grady was a beast, plus coverage gave our rush that extra half a second to get to Brees. Think Sheffield looked rock solid Barner was good in the return game and Koo Think the saints didn’t help themselves but they were just genuinely outplayed.
  3. Really nice seeing a running back fight for yardage! Think Hill has shown some heart!
  4. Because we were in field goal range, it’s a pretty sensible call.
  5. Doesn’t change the fact that he’s an impact player from the safety position. As opposed to struggling in the slot. He seemed pretty keen to run off to the trainers after, hopefully he thinks he can get back out there and it isn’t too serious
  6. Nice seeing Kazee put in a position to make plays again! Such a different player from the safety position
  7. Kazee playing safety and looks like a playmaker again! Not sure how it’s taken so long to realise Ishmael isn’t a safety anymore
  8. He’s so far from the issue, he’s spent the whole game under pressure, the play calling has been a disaster, the interception is an awful play and a drop by Sanu. He’s not had a good game but no QB in the league would in the situation Matts been given
  9. For the first time I actually agree we should trade Ryan. Solely because i hate he’s gotta put up with this dumpster fire of a team.
  10. I think the dolphins would beat us as things stand. Honestly don’t think we’re capable of any form of defense
  11. We’re a laughing stock as it is! Rams are doing us a favour by making us look even more laughable! Might finally force AB’s hand to get rid of Quinn....fingers crossed
  12. Sure, he’s poor against the run and can’t pressure the QB, but someone must be in the market for a DE who you can drop into coverage. Thats at the top of every DC’s wish list!
  13. If he’s on the trade block maybe we’re hoping we can show him in coverage and hope someone picks him up to play corner! He’s certainly not an end!
  14. Senat is frustrating but he’s a like for like swap for Davison who has been pretty solid Gono is our swing tackle and as good as he has looked he’d struggle the same way mcgary will Can’t have both Ollison and Hill active at the moment unless you drop Freeman (they won’t do that). Think barners ship has sailed so one will likely be on the active roster for games. The frustrating bit is not giving any reps to them at all. Different sort of backs to Ito and Freeman and it’s not exactly gonna hurt to give the ball to either of Hill or Ollison. Worst they can do is fumble and I don’t see us being in too many games where one turnover defines the game not sure why we have utilised hardy more than gage, I think gage has a lot more special in him than hardy! Cant hurt to try get him the ball occasionally
  15. The coaching staff have stood by Beasley and paid him despite his mediocrity. Athletically Beasley was 100% capable of being a premier pass rusher. Unfortunately he’s clearly not been held accountable and not been coached properly. He’s got away with being average and his talent has gone to waste. You can’t blame Beasley for getting paid £13 million despite being average. If my work offered me a huge pay rise for being awful at my job I’d happily accept and continue to give them that level of work because clearly that’s what they want from me.
  16. The only positive is a loss like that has to put more pressure on the FO to move on from Quinn. A Defensive Head Coach who takes full responsibility for the defense..... concede 53 points! Yikes!
  17. The only excuse you could make for koetter is he has no opportunity to establish a run because we always seem to be 14 points down within 5 minutes. With that being said it is unbelievably predictable. Absolutely zero inventiveness
  18. Predictable offense, soft defense, ill disciplined team, awful coaching. the players haven’t executed, but their not being put in positions to succeed. Too talented a roster to be a bottom 5 team, I think head coach has to change. Quinn’s ship has sailed
  19. Worrying that Koetter can’t scheme receivers open at all, he’s got some pretty useful weapons to work with
  20. There isn’t anyone, been happening all game, we’ve thrown the ball 50 times and the only guy getting open is hooper.
  21. May as well give hill and Ito some touches in second half see if they can do anything. Think we’ll do okay offensively second half and make some solid adjustments. Problem is the defense is gonna struggle throughout
  22. That 3rd and 15 was awful. I hated the call, I’d have hated it if we were a disciplined sure tackling defense. We are neither of those at the moment which makes that play call even harder to understand
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