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  1. No this is where we should definitely be taking time off the clock, limit potential bears possessions, keep d line fresh so they can pin their ears back and rush the passer
  2. Foles taken his visor off! Love the thought of him on sideline blaming that first drive on his visor
  3. Fairly sure that’s an INT, although ruling on field might be enough to uphold this
  4. Commentators saying our dbs are LETTING receivers get over the top cause they’re not scared of trubiskys deep ball haha.
  5. I hope hill gets the next series, solely to give him the ball when he’s confident. I oline has struggled and Gurley has struggled to get going. But that last play was blocked beautifully
  6. I kinda appreciate a little fire after that play, we’ve lacked it
  7. Overthinking and scared to make mistakes. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in that locker room. I honestly believe quinn won’t even be animated, don’t see any fire in him, think he’s too conservative, think he lacks situational awareness. And it’s clear as day that’s translated to the players
  8. Defense gave up 40 points and special teams gave up one of the worst football plays I’ve seen in my life, when I’m pointing out problems I’d start there! End of the day it all points to Quinn anyway
  9. I don’t believe it was an offensive problem in any way
  10. The lack of accountability is appalling. I know quinn can’t recover that ball, But you don’t see mistakes (If you can even call it that) like that on a well coached team. Threw away a 20 point lead, showed no ability to stop the run or pass. I’m ready to move in a different direction.
  11. So humiliating, Never seen such a ridiculous way to lose a game! Watching that you could genuinely believe something fishy was going on to throw a game. But no just a poorly coached team, think that might be the nail in the coffin for quinn
  12. I’ve not said it before but coaches surely don’t come back from stuff like that, you have to blame the head coach, can’t allow players to play that stupid
  13. Could go down as the most impressive loss ever! Struggle to believe I’ve ever seen anything that outrageously stupid in football
  14. Is this lack of pressure, poor scheme, poor coverage etc? There’s people WIDE open on every pass I’ve seen this season
  15. I had high(ish) expectations for gage, wasn’t quite expecting him to look this good
  16. Defense are going to have to find a stop, yes the offense needs to up its play, but if cowboys come away from every drive with a td we lose this
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