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  1. I almost feel like I’m gonna hold judgement on any player till the end of the season. It has been almost impossible for any player to thrive under quinn for a few years now. 90% of this roster has 11 games left to prove they aren’t as poor as they’ve shown under Quinn. I think there has to be some players who show a lot more now he’s gone.
  2. Nearly every facet of our football team is poor. We can’t tackle, can’t rush the passer, can’t cover, can’t pass block, Matt’s struggling, receivers don’t get separation. im done picking individual fault though, I truly believe it’s unfair judging anyone at this point whilst playing under Dan quinn and his staff. so much to improve on, but that improvement can’t start till Quinn’s and his staff is gone
  3. He’s also under pressure constantly and yet we continue to try slow developing routes. if you’re worried about people being overpaid maybe look to the coaching staff first, they could be on minimum wage and still wouldn’t be worth their pay cheque
  4. I’ve never thought Matt Ryan is the problem, scheme and play calling is horrible. But he doesn’t look himself, feels a bit defeated to me. Can’t really blame him, just hard watching the best player in franchise history wing wasted and slowly declining under a poor OC and awful HC
  5. You’d like to think we just keep handing the ball off and trying to get to the edge, then grab some chunk plays on play action.
  6. Credit where it’s due that’s a really nice defensive play from Rico. haven’t seen many of those this year
  7. I was surprised when quinn had a job after the cowboys game shocked when quinn had a job after Bears game stunned when quinn has a job after packers game surely this is nail in coffin right?
  8. It’s not entirely coaching that’s the problem.... It is the vast majority of the problem though
  9. It’s a culture thing at this point. The teams conservative, scared of failure and falls apart under pressure. New guys come into the team and feel that nervous energy and play under that culture. its a head Coaches job to change that, Quinn’s proven he isn’t capable of coming back from the Super Bowl failings. As much as play calling and player performances have been poor, I don’t think anything can improve until the teams culture changes
  10. I need to start placing bets against the falcons when we are 15+ points up in the 4th.
  11. It’s unacceptable from the players, coordinators, head coach. You can’t fire everyone, but you have to try change this weak mentality. Your only option is to fire quinn and try find an identity (other than the nfl laughing stock).
  12. But he’s providing so many laughs for all the other nfl fans
  13. “We struggled with a lot of injuries, we just gotta believe in the brotherhood and finish everything we do”
  14. This is so bad it’s funny! Lose this and it’s very hard to let quinn keep his job surely? I can see us accidentally winning this From a bears mistake and coaching staff being bailed out
  15. This team is so scared to make mistakes that it constantly makes mistakes. absolutely no bottle in this team and that starts at the top!
  16. Don’t mind Ryan taking the sack and being safe, if Koo hits that it’s a 3 score game
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