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  1. Oline has to improve, but we also started slow on defense which allowed the tampa front 7 to pin their ears back.


    we also need to scheme some packages where we keep 7 in pass pro and take some shots throughout the game, get Pitt’s down the seam and Ridley downfield for some shots.

    throwing everything underneath isn’t gonna cut it unless you’re playing with a lead

  2. Really need the pass protection to improve so we can start calling some intermediate and deep routes. Everything is underneath because this oline can’t hold up. 

    try throw slow developing stuff and we’re talking about mayfield getting dominated again, as well as mcgary and Hennessy.


    the play calling is in place to protect the oline, but it makes things very easy for tampa to jump on passes 

  3. Just read the below article:


    Tbh, I hadn’t realised our punting had been as poor as it was. Think there was so much going wrong last season that below average punting was the least of our worries.

    Think it’s a case of a rookie playing it safe, and just getting the kicks off? (I Imagine bosher taking that extra step and all those blocked punts probably led to Quinn putting emphasis on getting the kick away) 

    Just interested as haven’t really considered the punting situation but being dead bottom In the league in averages hurts field position.



  4. Pick makes too much sense:


    New head coach who utilises multiple TE looks

    Freak athlete to eventually replace Julio as a mismatch player


    My only reservation is whether he’s truly a tightend or if he’s just a huge WR, either way I believe he is the best WR on the board too. But if he can even just become average as a run blocker then he will wreak havoc for defenses


  5. Glad to see we’re assessing all options.


    For me it’s Pitts At 4 but if someone’s willing to offer us huge value for the 4th pick we should take it and stockpile picks. My only caveat for that is we’d need to be getting a first and second this year along with some future picks. We still need to come out of this draft with atleast 3 starters and several players that seriously contribute 

  6. I’m glad he’s gone.

    i refuse to believe anyone offered anymore than a 6th for a very injury prone, unproductive end with an attitude and half a season on his contract.

    yes In hindsight we should have accepted any offer we got, but he’s contributed so little and I’m just glad to have him gone




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