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  1. To be honest unless it’s vet minimum or close to that, and as a designated goal line/ red zone back I’m not interested. Alternatively If we want a big back we have ollison but he’s an unknown really.
  2. All in all a good performance against one of the best teams in football to be fair, defence played well, offence burnt clock and ran the ball with moderate success. definitely some positives to be taken from today.
  3. Doesn’t change the game but that’s awful officiating.
  4. Second halves are a struggle for this team. when you have big leads at the half like this team Often has it’s the dream Situation for pass rushers.... we just don’t seem to have any. our top 3 issues are: pass rush coaching run game
  5. One of the first times Im genuinely not bothered about us losing, its genuinely for the best for us as a franchise with regards to HC and picks
  6. Throughout his career whenever Matt goes tempo we’ve done well. Blows my mind how little his OC’s have given him free reign to Go up tempo.
  7. We bring like 7 men that play and 5 are still on the line of scrimmage. cant get off blocks at all
  8. The inability to scheme receivers open is shocking. We’ve Also seemingly given up on the run in a one score game.
  9. I’m glad he’s gone. i refuse to believe anyone offered anymore than a 6th for a very injury prone, unproductive end with an attitude and half a season on his contract. yes In hindsight we should have accepted any offer we got, but he’s contributed so little and I’m just glad to have him gone
  10. Physical football plays! So nice enjoying even a little bit of football
  11. I almost feel like I’m gonna hold judgement on any player till the end of the season. It has been almost impossible for any player to thrive under quinn for a few years now. 90% of this roster has 11 games left to prove they aren’t as poor as they’ve shown under Quinn. I think there has to be some players who show a lot more now he’s gone.
  12. Nearly every facet of our football team is poor. We can’t tackle, can’t rush the passer, can’t cover, can’t pass block, Matt’s struggling, receivers don’t get separation. im done picking individual fault though, I truly believe it’s unfair judging anyone at this point whilst playing under Dan quinn and his staff. so much to improve on, but that improvement can’t start till Quinn’s and his staff is gone
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