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  1. Haha great finish! Well done boys,
  2. Just take a knee for the 2 point conversion
  3. Surely booth have to view it... and touchdown
  4. so far We’ve had: the no call PI/holding on a would be Julio td questionable holding call on Blake 2 very soft roughing the passer penalties the punt return block in the back the onside kick (ridiculous way to write a rule)
  5. Nfl is unfortunately such a mess, can’t see it ever improving either
  6. So gono covering every position on the o line? is Wetzel on active roster?
  7. Barner needs to stop messing around with fielding these punts. I know he’s trying to make something happen but it’s not smart football
  8. With how quickly Brees is getting the ball out of his hands I don’t think bringing the blitz changes a huge amount, need to put corners in press and force brees to hold the ball even if only for an extra half second.
  9. Same reason all our pass plays are slow developing or off play action when the saints have no reason to fear the run? Cause coaching?
  10. There’s clearly nothing open whatsoever. You have to scheme guys open, and quickly when your oline is struggling to hold up! matt is going to his first read which Is rarely open then is on the ground before he can work through any form of progression
  11. I think it’s hard to look like a SB winning QB without a capable staff behind him. The best QB in the world wouldn’t make this team competitive. poor line play, minimal run game, no pass rush, poor communication, subpar coaching. Difficult environment to perform in.
  12. Terrible coaching is the cause of that
  13. What’s worse is they had the 2 minute warning to prepare to hill being in! Saints literally showed their hand prior to tgev2 minutes
  14. We never seen able to get lined up! It’s supposedly a simple defense
  15. Cominsky plays a very different role to Larkin. Tuioti-Mariner has been filling in for Cominsky. Larkin will be cover for if Takk or Clay cant go.