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  1. hopefully by the 4th quarter well have a big enough lead to rest some vets.
  2. link? but i saw that MusGrave got released from the Jags from OC,anyone know why?
  3. maybe show the Eagles game in the beginning and show comments like OVERRATED then show clips of ever game after that and show the win streak or something like that.
  4. Have Johnnybuc walking the blank with Falco poking him in the back with a Hickory stick saying "move it" ( Hickory stick representing a sword) while Johnnybuc saying "i thought we were the best team in the NFC???" then already in the water are the teams we already have beat.
  5. johnnybuc is past out drunk, while a tv is next and on that tv has Roddy catching a TD pass? idk something on the tv that says were winning, then Falco is standing above Johnny with the Hick'ry Stick and looking like hes about too hit him with it. something like that.
  6. Should we retire Joe Horn's number for maken Roddy what he is today?
  7. Im hopeing Collin Peeks makes this team, ill be watching him.
  8. Im not big on Suh, i just have a gut feeling hes gonna get hurt or something.
  9. Im not big on Sam at ALL, a think he is a top 10 talent but no way near a number one pick talent.
  10. Exactly, now it feels as if i waste the whole night watching and waiting for us too pick, then I see we trade out of the first round, it will just feel like i wasted the night watching other teams pick.
  11. I hate how this is Primetime... i was always use too go to a freinds house and have a Draft Party, but since its prime time, im tired as **** (wake up early) and not in a good mood :-/
  12. When i say 2nd i mean Early 2nd or even Late first, i just believe that we wont be taken any of these guys that are here, and with it well get a 4th or 5th pick so just a opinion.
  13. I have a HUGE feeling were tradeing this pick away for a 2nd round pick, i just cant see us getting any of these guys thats gonna be there when its our turn.
  14. wow, thats a REALLY nice gym, i wish i could workout there once.
  15. maybe his freind is lieing, but who lies in meeting Von Hutchins? might as well brag about meeting Turner or something.
  16. I dont see top 5 just yet, we are just a really young team and just needs more experience, i say we have the talent and have the potential but i think all we need is time.
  17. I like it, i would love too get Tiffin but has anyone else heard him getting scouted by us? or any other kicker that has a chance too be taken in the 6th?
  18. Well, as of right now its babs just because Jerry hasnt even played a season yet, a better arguement would be Jerry or Moore.
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