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  1. OVERpaying players to stay: paying Trufant paying Freeman paying Beasley paying Mckinley paying D Jones paying J Jones paying Ryan Drafting AWFUL players with 1st round picks: Jamal Anderson Sam Baker (traded up...) Peria Jerry Talk Mckinley Kaleb McGary (traded up...)
  2. not a Takk or Beasley or Freeman or Trufant to be seen. SO happy to discover what this team can finally be with competent leadership.
  3. Other headlines that would have been more accurate: "As Falcons open season, the decision to draft TE/SS over OG/RB is under the microscope more than anything else" "As Falcons open season, offensive line is under the microscope more than any other position group" "As Falcons open season, New coaching staff is under the microscope more than anybody else" "As Falcons open season, personnel under the microscope more than anything else" "As Falcons open season, local team reporting is under the microscope more than anything else"
  4. The Falcons have not played yet. This assessment is premature.
  5. Falcons 30 Eagles 17 Pitts and Davis chew up the clock. Ryan and Ridley connect for 200+ yards and 3 TDs. Marlon Davidson is Defensive POTW with 8 tackles, 2 sacks and 1 FF
  6. liked what I saw out of Willimson and Green. Grant is only going to get better. as has been commented, we've yet to see the Falcons play. I'm optimistic that we are going to field the best defense we can afford.
  7. Unless of course they shoot thru your house from outside while executing a bogus warrant or throw a flash bang grenade into your baby's crib from the outside, permanently disfiguring your child. Yeah, that day in court you get to see all of them exonerated for "just doing their job".
  8. Murder and lies? No problem, we protect our own.
  9. ...and this is why we are getting a great look at EVERYONE on the roster in preseason. I don't mind a bit that they are evaluating our 2nd and 3rd stringers against 1st string NFL talent. I like it. I hope we see more on Sunday night.
  10. Cordarrelle Patterson - don't see him playing RB that much. Just don't see it. This offense looks like it is going to need tough bangers. Davis and somebody else as the primary 1-2 backs. Josh Andrews - Scares the apple butter out of me. Hoping, praying we pick up a solid vet at LG. Kaleb McGary/Willie Beavers - this one really has me concerned worse than LG. McGary SHOULD be improving, I want him to improve, but I'm seeing speed guys getting home and now I'm wondering if he's Takk 2.0. Beavers has been so spotty I'm not even sure what he is. Grady Jarrett, Marlon Davidson, Ta’Quon Graham - SOLID. Perhaps our strongest position. These guys could be really good. I want to see Jacob Tuioti-Mariner, Deion Jones, Foyesade Oluokun, and Dante Fowler Jr. with Walker in heavy rotation. This is a very solid group as well and with Grady and company crashing the inside I think we can effect the LOS with these guys. SOLID group. Chris Williamson - LOVE the way this guy plays football. Hope he makes the team. He looks like the real deal.
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