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  1. "During the first half of the season, the Falcons unofficially led the NFL in coverage busts and plays when two defenders confusingly stared at each other with their arms up while opponents scampered to the end zone. " This
  2. count me as a doubter. I believe what I see.
  3. Wish Takk all the best somewhere else. The last 2 seasons have shown he is just a guy. We need a terror on that side of the line and he is not it.
  4. 22 is one of my favorite players. Mad respect for him. REALITY: While he is a TERROR across the middle and against the run (he will steal your soul and make you fumble), he is a LIABILITY against the pass. RBs and TEs have feasted against him one on one and it is twice as bad when they flex out to the line and he has to man up. He is constantly one step behind and cannot match up. Maybe Buchanan or Walker can cover RB/TEs? Campbell went to work against them last season and we "got by", but he is not around anymore and SOMEBODY has to pick up that role. But it won't be Neal, not if we are going to stop offenses.
  5. public tantrums and patriotic anthems are diversions when it comes to changing the way this country understands human dignity.
  6. I’m not selling nothing Just trying to tell the truth We’re out here hacking branches It’s time to pull the root All this planned division To make it me versus you Just Misdirected anger That Distracts us from the truth Public tantrums Patriotic anthems Rank duplicity Rage aggression Power-mad obsession Lying hiding thieves Are you not human? Where’s your humanity? You re not my master I’m not your property Just trying to mind my business Like all good people do When up jumps mr mister Gonna tell me what I have to do Don’t get me wrong But I ain’t got time today And you aint got no reason So I best. Be on my way Cite your lies and Bully patronize and All gang up on me Do you think that badge you wear Gives you immunity? Are you not human? Where’s your humanity? You re not my master I’m not your property I am human Human I'm Free
  7. "He was one of the suckiest in the league.....but sucked a little less when the Defensive genius head coach got the **** out of the way and let a D-Coordinator work with the kid...this ultimately saved the Head Coach's job.... Leadership.
  8. NICE! Love this signing. Dude is smart and puts himself in great position. RB eliminator and can crash down against the crossing routes. Really, really like this dude.
  9. UNLUCKY Jordan Beck - looked like the 2nd coming of Brookng in rookie pre-season. Broke his foot in the last PS game, never saw the field again. Bob Christian - best FB we've ever had, concussions forced him out. Keanu Neal - our enforcer. feared by every receiver in the league. back to back season ending injuries. annual recipient of "most fined for normal hits that refs call as unnecessary roughness" award. Should have been on the same team as Jack Ham or **** Butkus. BUSTS Peerless Price - Could have been a stud. Dan Quinn - all the talent that has flowed thru ATL? Signing VBs 5th year option? Wasting MR2s golden years? Putting Isiah Oliver on the field? hiring DK as OC? living in the NFL defensive basement year after year?
  10. if Takk was going to do it Takk would have done it. he talks the talk...
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