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  1. Dude is a BALLER. He will get time and he will play and he will flourish with coaches and schemes that let him do his thing. He is an underrated asset on this team. left UVA as No. 1 all-time in Virginia history and No. 6 all-time in ACC history with 250 career receptions … finishes career No. 2 all-time at UVA with 2,753 receiving yards …he is only the third Cavalier all-time to record 1,000+ receiving yards in a season and his 1,058 receiving yards in 2018 rank No. 3 all-time at UVA … he broke his own single-season UVA record in 2018 with 93 receptions … in 2017 he broke McMullen
  2. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10004409-report-stefon-diggs-bills-salary-converted-into-bonus-creates-78m-in-cap-space Report: Stefon Diggs' Bills Salary Converted into Bonus; Creates $7.8m in Cap Space The Buffalo Bills reportedly created some additional salary-cap space Tuesday by converting some of wide receiver Stefon Diggs' base salary into a signing bonus. According to ESPN's Field Yates, the Bills converted $11,718,333 of Diggs' salary into a signing bonus, which will give Buffalo $7,812,222 in additional cap space for the 2021 season. With the move, the Bills co
  3. Nobody has any idea what this team is going to do well or where we are going to stink. Just hopeful to see a team that tries to dominate in all 3 aspects. Have some freaking self-respect...
  4. This is PR spin from JJ's people. The "anonymous sources" with inside information are spinning it as if the Falcons Org wronged him. That should tell you everything you need to know about the article. THANKS JULIO! YOU WERE GREAT! Moving on now.
  5. MR2's comments make total sense now. It all makes sense now. These players, this team, this coaching staff, this organization is burning the ships and moving on.
  6. Totally overlooked this guy. More film study needed but in this package he looks STURDY, like a FS/SS hybrid. 7th round developmental Safety with instincts? I'm down.
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