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  1. i like them it is going to be fun
  2. Delpit is a stud. Really. Special player with instincts that makes tackles, gets his hands on the ball and causes turnovers/fumbles. Delpit AND Johnson? **** yeah.
  3. I think this is the most likely outcome. I can imagine Saul even going so far as to reveal something she did anonymously to get her disbarred so that she has to leave, or some scene where he tells her he does not love her, has been using her all these years just for sex, "Go away, Bad DOG!!!" kind of order to run her off and protect her. The Cinnibon scenes have yet to resolve, plenty of time for him to reflect on her in that timeline. Or decide in that timeline that there is yet another way....
  4. love the fade jersey and flat black helmets
  5. Sure looked and felt like Breaking Bad. That was nice. Jimmy refusing the space back to Chuck, having to deal with his feelings about last week's blowup at Howard...this Lalo is too smart. He HAS to go. No other way. Jimmy drinking the....liquid....Saul standing up..."Let's go".
  6. still can't. Freeman missing that block....
  7. love his game. he is old-school
  8. CB is a crying need for us. Arnette is a decent prospect, so is Henderson. I don't like either in the 1st.
  9. ^^THIS^^
  10. He is exceptional. Hope falls to us.
  11. Henderson is a sticky, long, rangy defender that plays the ball. He is going to get his. He is a man or press coverage corner. He can play press due to his speed, don't sleep on that. But he is SOFT with a capital S and a liability against the Fleet-footed NFC South RBs and the bigger/stronger WRs that will be blocking him out of the play as he lays down without a fight. No thanks.
  12. That would be one awesome draft! 5 starters plus depth. Nice job sir.
  13. What's the Most Unexpected but Realistic Thing We Do with Our #16 Pick? total TD move....