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  1. I like him in the 4-3 due to his experience at Safety. Keanu has been a liability against TEs, our LB crew has been historically awful against them. Collins has the speed and length to run with RBs and TEs, AND make them pay for whiffing on blocks against him. REALLY like him in the 4-3 against running QBs as well.
  2. HATE the move to 3-4, hate it. LOVE the trade with WFT. DO NOT WANT Sherman. Rather take another rare talent in the draft with that 2b pick LOVE LOVE LOVE Collins in the 1st!!! (maybe my favorite player in the draft) IF Najee Harris is there at 2a we MUST take him. If not and a Jaycee Horn or a Asante Samuel or Tyson Campbell is available I hope we go CB, if not Trey Sermon on down the line. Need another RB stud for Smith. LOVE Alim Mcneil in the 3rd, WICKED fast DT that gets to the QB, but I want him next to Grady in the 4-3 wrecking the inside and allowing Collins to
  3. He is going to be a riser for sure. to be that big and that fast I would not imagine he's going to make it past the first round
  4. Trade back. Pick this guy. Transcendent talent. 6'4" 260lbs Sacks, blitz-pickup-exploder, FF, Tackles, PDs, INTs and Pick-Sixes when the game is on the line. Bronko Nagurski Trophy winner for 2020 91.1 overall grade this past season led all linebackers in college football.
  5. 8 games played, 2 solo tackles, 6 assisted tackles, 1 pass defended. Not a large enough sample size to make an assessment. Not happy that he had so little playing time after being drafted so high. Not happy that he had so little production. Maybe he will develop....
  6. No man....just no. Fields is not the guy. Matt Jones looks like the guy. Lawrence is DEFINITELY the guy. but Fields is NOT the guy.
  7. its never easy. we have proven that if nothing else. Like Takk, Trubisky was/is a bust. He never looked like the best player in the draft...he looked like a choke artist from the beginning and Takk was not even the guy most of us wanted once Peppers was off the board. TJ Watt and Budda Baker were right there and we needed both positions. Takk was a reach then and a bust now and TB should have never submitted that pick. Now someone has the chance to draft players that make sense.
  8. With 15 seconds remaining, Falcons have the ball at the Panties 2 yard line. Panties hear a whistle and think the game is over and head into the locker room up 7 points. 2 plays later the Falcons score (Replay confirms when Ryan's knee hit the ground at the 4 yard line the tip of the ball broke the plane of the end zone). However, a wide-open Julio Jones drops the easy 2-point conversion for the loss. (Gage is hurt on the play...again).
  9. The man has to make a living. He'll most likely catch on as a coordinator somewhere, just not as a HC. ever...
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