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  1. Senat had a back issue. nothing more. you're gonna have to trust me.
  2. cannot get here soon enough....
  3. was gonna hit you in the head with my shoe until you redeemed yourself with this suggestion...
  4. Great post. We are all venting today. THE GOOD Ito Smith is the real deal. Hits the hole like a rocket and is a slippery thing to tackle. Really surprised we did not slip him out into the passing game more on wheel routes. Deion Jones making tackles all over and running people down. Grady with the quick penetration, deadly 1st step. Keanu reminding the WRs that he is the Sheriff back there. Love that guy, he is a warlord. Gage gives EVERYTHING on every play. really impressive dude. Sanu does everything well. Need to feed him the ball. Hooper is the man. He is a difference maker and rolls the chains, enough of this 5 yard cutout, get him up the seam!!! Feature him like the Pats did with Gronk. MVPS: Smith, Jones, Neal, Grady, Tak, Hooper THE BAD Freeman has to walk the talk. They all do but Free has something to prove. Too many hungry guys in line to be jitterbugging for 2-3 yards per carry. MR2 making really bad throws. Both INTs were very bad and the ball he threw 4' over Gage's head (out of bounds) got him hurt. He picked up his play in the 2nd half but it was too little too late. He had Hooper wide open when the threw the pick to Stocker....waited too long. JJ11 What the heck man? What was with the effort? Lazy routes, dropped passes.....looked OLD and RUSTY out there...just a bad look. Needed to get him off the field and throw to somebody that is hungry. Pass Rush - this is what we've been told is the most improved part of the defense? Really? WTF? LVPS: MR2, Matthews, Vic, Oliver, Freeman THE UGLY The entire Oline - embarrassing. just got whipped, looked AWFUL. This is a mess and it just got worse. what have they been doing? The entire RUN DEFENSE - Can ANYBODY cover a RB? Looked like a whole team of Duke Rileys taking bad angles, getting caught in the wash, whiffing on tackles, stopping play..have we regressed? The Special Teams - like you said, BLOCK THEM! This was oogly to watch. The Coaching - Going for 2???? WHY??? Where is the screen game? Where are the shots upfield? depressed and angry
  5. I've been asked to provide a list of books I have found to be influential for Freedom and Liberty. This is a very short list, hope you find something that cranks your tractor. John Ross - Unintended Consequences - THE seminal work. Can be found online in a pdf. Kenneth Royce - Hologram of Liberty: The Constitution's Shocking Alliance With Big Government - Hold on to your brain, this is going to hurt. FULL of factual reason & evidence. Amazing read. Boston T Party - Boston's Gun Bible - The only firearms reference you will ever need. Read it BEFORE purchasing anything firearm related. Boston T Party - Molon Labe! - Modern-day companion to Ross's Unintended Consequences L Neil Smith - The Probability Broach - Imagine an America where President George Washington was shot as a traitor after the successful Whiskey Rebellion and Alexander Hamilton flees to Europe.... Larry Niven - Lucifer's Hammer - Humankind, faced with overwhelming cataclysm, regroups to fight its way back to civilization. Amazing story. Mark Spungin - Neither Predator nor Prey - Well written, fast passed book that you cannot put down once you start. James Wesley Rawles - Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse - THE survivalist's must-have book of survival. Edward Abbey - The Monkey Wrench Gang - Eco-Terrorists fighting industrial development. As a model of self-ownership, George Hayduke is THE MAN!
  6. In his landmark work Isaiah's Job , Albert Nock posited the notion that much of the effort to enlighten or motivate is lost and the effort to do so is seen in vain, but the "remnant of the rational collective" will silently listen and this knowledge brought to action at another time. Through this remnant the actual goal is realized. You never know who may be in the crowd. I am fully aware of to whom I am directing my words. His is a common modern authoritarian argument. I am offering rebuttal with reason and evidence, for remnant of the rational collective to consider and to advise their opinion.
  7. Adam Lanza's Mother was not smart in giving her behaviorally-damaged son access to the safe. Your Cop friend was negligent in his storage of firearms. Thieves are going to steal. Arsonists are going to burn property. Murderers are going to murder. There are over 10 million guns in this country. You are not getting them. Too bad.
  8. My gun ownership has nothing to do with a kids right to go to school without being shot in their classroom. It is idiotic to conflate the two. I own many guns.I shoot guns every day. I train people every day to shoot guns. I am around guns and shooting all day, every day. I have yet to encounter anyone that has ever used a gun in a crime. Conversely, I have met and trained MANY that have used them in self-defense including teachers. This is the exaggerated emotional "try-hard" hyperbole that undermines your entire position. My ownership of guns does not equate to children dying. Evil, crazy people with the intent and desire to visit violence upon others with no fear of being shot in the face equates to children dying.
  9. can we please put a jersey on this man?
  10. Some people prey upon other people. Whether we like it or not, this is one of the facts of life. It has always been so and it is not going to change. It may be wrong for your place and time. But anyone who is aware of their environment knows that the threat of physical assault does exist, and that it exists everywhere and at all times. The police, furthermore, can protect you from it only occasionally. I assume that the right of self-defense (2A) exists. Some people do not. This is not for them (You). This is for those who feel that anyone who chooses physically to attack another human being does so at their peril. In some jurisdictions it is held that the victim of an attacker must, above all, attempt to escape. This is a nice legalistic concept, but it is very often tactically unsound. By the time one has exhausted every means of avoiding conflict it may be too late to save their life. Laws vary, and cannot be memorized entirely; in any case, I am not concerned about jurisprudence, but about survival. If one lives through a fight, I assume that they are better off than if they do not, even though they may be thereafter confronted with legal action. Violent crime is feasible only if its victims are cowards. A victim who fights back makes the whole business impractical. It is true that a victim who fights back may suffer for it, but one who does not almost certainly will suffer for it. And, suffer or not, the one who fights back retains their dignity and self-respect. Any study of the atrocity list of recent years shows immediately that the victims, by their appalling ineptitude and timidity, virtually assisted in their own murders. ("Don't make them mad so they won't hurt us.") Anyone may or may not submit to threats or violence. But many who are not cowards are simply unprepared for the fact of human savagery. They have not thought about it and they just don't know what to do. When they look right into the face of depravity or violence, they are astonished and confounded. This can be corrected. But only if we have the means to do so. Your query regarding a knife or a gun is applicable in both contexts. Personally I would rather face an adversary at 21 feet (I show this in an advanced Pistol Course I teach Tueller Drill) with a knife rather than a firearm because humans, unlike other animals, can kill at a distance. With the means and training one can be victorious in a similar setting. But in your firearms free Utopia I would be reduced to minimal firepower or an edged weapon myself and you cannot predict with any certainty the level of armament of my adversary in your Utopia. By definition criminals and those intent on causing physical harm do not obey laws, certainly more laws banning and prohibiting firearms would only be applicable to the law-abiding.
  11. game had more sacks than a nude beach.
  12. I am not limited to the narrow framing of your question. It is inconsequential. I choose to meet the prospect of violence with overwhelming force of my own choosing. Not yours. And this is why - don't click unless you are willing to see real evil
  13. I'd rather decide for myself. You aim to try and take that choice away from me. A choice so important to the framers of the rules that establish the Government, that they made an exception to the very Constitution on behalf of the people that should not be infringed. No thanks. You don't have to arm yourself if you do not want to. I choose to arm myself with the best means available. Bans and prohibitions do not work on evil and crazy. Never has, never will.
  14. You cannot ban nor prohibit evil and crazy. Modern day firearms are my best defense against the evil and crazy that is a reality. Disarming me does NOTHING to battle nor solve the evil/crazy crisis. It is a symbolic NOTHING sacrificed on the alter of "DO SOMETHING".