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  1. We pay 100+ million for Ryan for 2 wins in 8 games? Stafford had no weapons, a banged up Oline and played poor in the first half but was clutch when he needed to be. We should have invested in the defense instead of Ryan.
  2. Traded down a few spots of Aaron Donald. I said it too before the draft and still think we should have done it. I think we tried to but no one bit, that's why it took so long for us to select Matthews.
  3. When has Mike Smith ever thought outside the box? Nothing about him is creative, and he screams at players for trying to make plays like when Hester tried a lateral on his punt return, or when Trufant tried to lateral his interception last year. Smith doesn't believe in trick plays, which is dumb. When you are as bad as us you need to pull out everything. The Rams did and they beat the Seahawks, but Smitty is as conservative as it gets.
  4. The Raiders fired their HC after London game, lets hope we do it too!
  5. No way TD does that after drafting Freeman, resigning A.Smith and having Jackson under contract for another year.
  6. Our average yards per rush aren't bad, Koetter just gets pass happy.
  7. On the 4th down play Ryan had plenty of time. He doesn't know how to extend plays consistently or throw the ball up and let his receivers make a play. Other times he takes sacks instead of throwing the ball away.
  8. I knew going into the season our defense would be terrible, I was just keeping my fingers crossed that we can out score the opponent.
  9. No TD has more faith in his unproven 5th rd draft picks than proven veterans.
  10. He's always been gun shy, only if he has time he is a good QB. That's why he's not elite.
  11. He had plenty of time on that 4th down play, he's just panicking.
  12. I remember getting criticized for us drafting him with Tyrann Mattieu on the board. Alford just has nfl size and speed but NO SKILL.
  13. Just say No to cry baby Harbaugh!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Trade for a linebacker that can cover, or just convert WillyMo to LB when he comes back.
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