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  1. Been busy writing draft stuff man. Up to you to carry the Draft & FA forum lol
  2. Guy has been THE pass-rush. Without him we'd be such a joke. 4 sacks in 5 playoff games is bad now? smh. Let's all hate on every Falcon that leaves instead of appreciating what they did for us.
  3. If you seriously don't think Grimes is a great corner and think he can easily be replaced, you're severly lacking in football knowledge. I still can't believe there are people that won't give him credit.
  4. What up guys. Troll/Swift's alternate account checking in. Kidding. Cuz I know some of you guys didn't get the sacrasm. My thoughts have been summed up nicely by Shot. I don't think people understand what a troll is. If you go to any other message boards it's easy to spot a troll. Most of these guys aren't trolls ffs. They've stuck with this team for years and lets be honest this team has been garbage for years. They just have different opinions then you but trust me, they wouldn't be here if they didn't love the Falcons. I've been critical of players and/or coaches and GM's of this team in th
  5. Again I think they would have beaten us regardless. Not hating on the Saints, just the refs. Oh and, here's another one from last year
  6. Just gonna throw this out there. Take from it what you want. Not saying the outcome would have been any different because I think the Saints are better than the Falcons regardless but let's not act like there weren't some questionable calls that went the Saints way on Monday night. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XIEhTSQ-v8
  7. You mean yourself right? Seriously do you ever actually talk football or make some stupid remark in every single one of these posts? You really come across as a guy who has no knowledge of football at all yet thinks his opinion is better than everyone elses. Also, I think if you asked most impartial fans around the league to read this thread they would point out how many ridiculous excuses there are. I guarantee Mularkey will be fired and Matt Ryan's deep ball will be largely unchanged and people will STILL be making excuses for him. Probably gonna blame the OL for not giving him time or the W
  8. This. You can probably count me out next year though.
  9. I love destroying people like you who think they know everything. Prepare to get taken to school. 1. You say we needed a 3rd down back and that Quizz is a better receiver than Murray and then you cite Murray's stats so far in the NFL. Because that's really an indicator of receiving skill, right? You forgot the fact that Murray caught 157 passes in his 4 years at Oklahoma, including 71 as a senior. Quizz did well here too but to say Quizz is better as a pass-catcher to justify the pick is laughable. 2. He hasn't done anything against anyone? Hm... maybe because he wasn't starting? So far he's h
  10. lol @ how ******** some posters on this board are and I'm not talking about Swift. lol @ saying Hernandez isn't as fast and explosive as Gronk because of his YPC. You guys are morons. Do you actually watch them play or do you look at little stats all day? Oh no Hernandez smoked some weed, kill him with fire!!! All you TD lovers need to admit that he is simply average. Comparison to other GM's around the league here - http://ogdraft.com/2011/10/the-truth-about-thomas-dimitroffs-drafting-ability/
  11. McKay I would say easily. Also glad to see someone pointed out that Moore and DeCoud are very overrated by this fan base. Both are just average (DeCoud even worse now) and are horribly inconsistent. Moore still has the potential to be good but he's not there yet.
  12. My team is so ***. Everyone on my team is available for trade. Might as well change some things up.
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