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  1. I feel exactly the same way about the deep shots. I get so excited every time I see Matt unleash one deep, even though I can't see downfield. I think we've just been conditioned over the last few seasons that deep shots = likely huge play.
  2. Saw this on twitter from Scott Kacsmar. Falcons points per drive 2016: 3.03 Falcons points per drive 2017: 2.88 For reference, 2.88 points per drive would have been good for 1st overall last year by a wide margin. New Orleans was 2nd last year with 2.65. Points per drive stats from: http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/drivestatsoff2016 I was just as bummed out as most people that we didn't get to put up 30+ like we know we can, but really the low output was just as much about getting dragged in to a slow paced game on a ****** field. We only ran 55 offensive plays (3 and outs don't help but still). So all in all, no reason to panic. Our offence is still as efficient as ever, even when it doesn't look great. Here's to hoping we get back to our high flying ways next week when we're back at home!
  3. Kehmal Ishmael is not a good football player. Anyone who says thinks he is is getting more caught up in the stats than actually watching him play. He's about three steps to slow to be a DB in the NFL in 2014. If you watch you will see his angles being outrun and his trail coverage having no chance of success. It's just not good, we need a better athlete back there.
  4. I was actually down with the timeout at the time. It's really not smart to play for a 50+ yard field goal, that's conservative and stupid. But if we're going to take the timeout you don't throw it deep you try and keep the chains moving and kick a 30-40 yarder with no time left.
  5. Was just playing around with the playoff machine, I like the looks of this scenario! Just a joke really but boy would we all be laughing if it actually played out that way. MY DREAM SCENARIO is that we somehow sneak into the playoffs, win the Super Bowl and STILL FIRE MIKE SMITH. In the mean time though, I hope he is showing the guys highlight videos of what they used to be just a couple years ago to try get them jacked up and get their confidence back. Have a good weekend everyone, looking forward to the game on Sunday!
  6. I'm gonna be at Flowery Branch chanting this every day starting Monday, who's with me!?
  7. Wouldn't mind seeing Holmes get a few series off so he can stay fresh
  8. Super confident. A lot of analysts are wary of us (many of which are ones I respect), but I have no doubt we will be one of the best teams in the league. 12-4 is the record I'm throwing out there when people ask me and I can say it with confidence. Bad breaks happen though and there is a lot of variability in the NFL due to the low number of games...but to mark us down for anything less than 10-6 is a joke.
  9. Just think about Julio Jones running one way and Reggie Bush running the other haha it would be beautiful! I don't even think he would be that expensive and I do think that he can carry a significant load at RB, especially splitting w/ Quizz
  10. Dude, dont mess with me you better not be lying. I will actually cry if Reggie Bush is on our team (joy tears)
  11. If they let Franks be PR for the whole year to ensure HD is healthy to do it in the playoffs then I really applaud the coaching staff. If the plan all along was to insert HD in as the PR in week 17 as a tune-up for the playoffs then that is actually REALLY SMART.
  12. Also, any play designed with misdirection to Reggie and coming back to Julio on the other side would be absolutely deadly, and vice versa
  13. Reggie bush is awesome, I would cry if we signed him. No running back can thrive in NO, Reggie's problem is that he doesnt get enough carries. If every Turner carry this year went to Reggie Bush instead we would be in even better shape.
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