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  1. I don't think back surgery is the solution. My dad had it done, and his back pain was worse afterward. He suffered from DDD. He was advised to sleep with several pillows under his knees. He later died from long term usage of pain pills to combat the pain. I used to pray for his pain to go away alot when i was little. Then i learned we can't ask God to change what he has willed. Everything (all the good and the bad) that happens in your life is for a reason or purpose. I'm not saying just deal with it, but do not try to numb with pills. Ask God to direct you in your decision to get the "fusion"
  2. Vick sheeple, Obama Sheeple...neither can do no wrong
  3. If Michael Vick skin was a little lighter, they would'nt love him.....yeah i said it.
  4. The new president of the European union has said that the false global warming crisis and the new world order go hand in hand. This is it people!
  5. * In all seriousness

  6. I'm all seriousness, Congratulations on amazing the world this year...since our season is over i hope you guys win it all. I as a Falcon fan am proud to be in the same division with you guys. Your making the NFC South look good. Plus ill pull for a southern team anyday over the rest of the NFL.

  7. Best Best mascot ever....bet it promotes herbal enhamcment, which is bad
  8. Youtube had it for a while, but its gone....i'll sell you the VHS tape i have of the entire game....Name your price
  9. Bring the old bird logo back and stop using black....Hawks need the old bird logo too (the old logo ruled)...I reall don't like the falcons new logo and jersey.
  10. DJ Shockley is awesome......(on madden 08' for the PC)
  11. The seasons lost....let Matty Ice, Ice his toe for the rest of the year. Knowing the Falcons luck he will have a career ending injury if he comes back...Falcons back to back winning seasons will never happen in my life time i guess.
  12. He just wants to make sure he gets the money Vick still owes the Falcons....it's purely business. Blanks isn't a true fan in that regard.
  13. Sounds like someones in denial. Your team is jinxed or cursed too. As a Falcons fan, guess where i was January 1999? I went to Miami to watch Atlanta play Denver in the Super Bowl. Oh and i saw 2 Vikings fans wearing their gear in Miami who told me they had pre booked their hotel and flight in advance. I don't know what it is about the Vikings but when ever i see their logo i can't stop smiling Love you guys! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDEDM4xv9gs
  14. I'm excited of what time will bring. Everyone keep reminding themselves we have players like Grimes, Houston, and Jackson in the secondary and we are still competing. Ryan is 24 yrs old and he can hang with Eli Manning stats wise. Ryan may have thawed out a little but the "ICE" will form again when he matures in this league. TIME IS ON OUR SIDE!
  15. is feeling positive and promises not to bring negativity to the boards today.

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