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  1. As many times Matt has been hit and pull himself off the turf, I personally couldn’t blame him especially at this point of his career.
  2. They should take his helmet away and make him buy his own plain white helmet as punishment! 😂
  3. Rumor has it, wardog will be the starting QB.
  4. I deliberately haven’t started a post in 3 years. I like it better that way. 😎
  5. Man after the SB loss…. I quit getting upset. That made two I watched that we should have won. Sooooo glad I haven’t been able to see a game this year. When I do…. I’m usually done by half time or 3rd quarter. Sad but theres better things to do with my time. Like play with my grandkids. Hopefully AS will get this figured out one day and it will get fun again. We’ll have some hope that we can compete with or beat any team we play. Wouldn’t that be nice.
  6. I would love them to win this game…. But regardless…. This is a significantly better showing!
  7. Well that search was inaccurate….. change to 2017 and remove cook and white add Herrien.
  8. In 2018 we had: Chubb, Michel, Swift, Cook, White, Holyfield and Cook. Now, that was an extraordinary group but it’s hard to say the group we have now is at that level. But like Unknown said, a lot probably has to do with Monkens scheme.
  9. Heck, Holyfield and Swift was better Than Cook and White combo. Like I said, I just don’t see us anywhere near that level. But like Unknown said….it probably has a lot to do with Monkens philosophy.
  10. I really wish we had a more dominate run game. The last two years just doesn’t remind me of UGA rbu. White just doesn’t have enough speed for outside runs. Cook actually, has shown much better vision and burst. I know I’m probably being picky but we are no where near a Chubb Michel combo.
  11. Man, this team has so much potential. Clean up some sloppy play, get some receivers back and db’s play better. It’s very exciting to think how good they could be.
  12. Davis gonna be a beast in the pros. He has those crazy eyes! A motor that won’t stop and speed. For a guy his size…. He’ll be a mismatch.
  13. Kind of like changing QB’s when your QB is doing just fine.
  14. Sometimes I really have to question Kirbys decision making ability.
  15. I thought the OP was going to say he was seen at a flag football game sacking the QB to make himself feel better.
  16. Maybe our coach's are poor OL pickers or bad at coaching OL or both?
  17. It’s disappointing that a 40 year old elite QB feel the need to be little those who obviously haven’t had the high caliber teams around them as he’s had the luxury of pretty much his entire career. Rubbing salt in the wounds of a horrible situation is just not a good look for him. Every time I start trying to look at Brady in a different light, he acts like s 16 year old boy mentally.
  18. Yeah cause Lord knows if he survived our OL…. He’d have to be built like a tank…. Full armor with steel tracks! 😂🤣
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