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  1. Irish soap about 10!
  2. JJ looked like he was shot out of a cannon. That burst was insane!
  3. I’m very impressed with Pickens. He is Julio, AJ Green type talent. I’m sold! And our rb’s are ridiculous!
  4. I’m not much for betting but I have to agree with this. And I’m totally okay being wrong btw.
  5. Dude you still missing the point..... I didn’t say Ryan hasnt played well..... but you would have to admit we have seen Ryan have to make s lot of these speeches which = huge problems within our organization. I’ve followed this team since 1972..... so I have the right to my opinion just like you do. Lighten up.... it’s not a personal attack on you.
  6. I was already hiding by halftime yesterday.
  7. I wasn’t even talking about turn overs.... I was talking about his usual speech just like we’ve heard him have to say over and over again which means we have had a lot of issues. He takes the heat but.... nothing changes. Not high... I have to work in plants and my job depends on not being high.
  8. Yeah I really do feel Quinn is done. I hate it for him.... seems like a good dude but crap.... we have good players.... just can’t act like pros on the field.
  9. Their offense is pretty good...... defense..... um not gonna win against bama if that “D” can’t stop guys better. But to answer your question..... without a doubt they would give us a fight and very well could win.
  10. So? He’s done this for years and it doesn’t get fixed. I think we are just a bad team. Undisciplined....lack of focus.
  11. Stick a fork in Quinn cause he’s done! Doesn’t mean he’ll be fired but he’s just not a good pro head coach.
  12. Right now saying we suck is an understatement.
  13. If I was matt I'd be throwing the ball as I'm dropping back cause our line has been Owned! Which, the youngins getting their licks. Why do we always statrt the season off playing an away game against a really good team????? We need a warm up game for the first game.
  14. I’ve said it many times.... lack of.discipline.
  15. I think its going to take 3-6 weeks for them to fully gel.