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  1. I dont think our playbook is too much to worry about. Not like we will get derailed.... that already happened.
  2. I usually dont say this..... but the refs are definitely pro MSU tonight.
  3. This^^^. I never understand the all out throw downs that occur just because someone has a different perspective.
  4. At least they are trying.... Id rather that than roll Over and play dead. This virus isnt likely going away anytime soon, so we need to be flexible and adjust. Either that or crawl in a hole and quit living all together.
  5. Man I hope this is true! We need a boost on this team!
  6. First off, I cant believe im saying this, but do what the saints did to the bucs last night. 🙄 And yes, I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.
  7. Me neither..... up by 21 and watch us take our foot off the gas. Gets really old. But happy for the win.
  8. Who’s our QB coach? Do we need to get a better one? Im asking because I really dont know if this is the problem.
  9. Im not nearly as enamored as I used to be. The Falcon melt down in 2 SB’s and the Dawgs letting a win against bama slip thru their fingers fir a NC will do that to a person.
  10. Webb should have intercepted that pass and our receivers could have caught a few as well. But a lot of missed throws to wide open receivers didnt help either, by Stet and Math.
  11. Floridas offense reminds me of LSU’s last year.
  12. Ive lost confidence in his ability to coach at an elite level.
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