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  1. Thats an awesome haul of talent if it comes to fruition!
  2. I dont know whether to 😂 or 😢. But thats most days as a Falcons fan! 🤣
  3. You are right, I wouldnt draft within top 5 and expect them to sit for more than 1 year. And even if we pick up one later 1st or early second, I wouldnt expect him to sit no more than 2 years. Anything longer would be late 3rd or deeper in the draft. Just my thoughts.
  4. Thats like a double slip and slide! 🤣
  5. If I were to pick a QB from this draft, Id still go Mac Jones. And I may have to eat crow, time will tell. But I really like that kid.
  6. I agree with this. Tom can’t do it alone, but what Tom does is elevate his team mates to play harder. They believe they can win. That mindset is a powerful thing. I was far from the strongest guy on the team when I played. But I willed myself to play much better than I really was. Tom helps that mindset. He’s a very good leader on that team.
  7. Did Ya’ll notice another old head coach won the superbowl? Andy Last year and Bruce this year. Too many people get hung up on the age of a coach. And yes, im old. 🤣
  8. I like Mac as an option if we’re going QB. I think he’s more pro ready. And his ego isnt going to be an issue waiting his time to shine.
  9. Didnt Benkert look good in 2019 preseason but got hurt? Has his injury set him back for life as a NFL QB? Im not being a jerk just asking. For a friend. 😂
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