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  1. I like your attitude!
  2. Me personally.....if Nelson is the guy then I know I would......heck if Payne is the guy I would. That's the only way a winning team gets that opportunity to land this kind of talent is to move up usually.
  3. I think having a larger and physically gifted OL would help a lot. Help protect and open up lanes. Usually for ZBS they will tend to be a little lighter, but if you find guys that can move well...it's a win win.
  4. Thanks for the quick response. so hypothetically...lets say fields was here this year, would Fields possibly have made the same impact as Bama switching QB's...or is that only related to the Bama program? And please understand....these comments are for the sake of conversation. To me....being able to stop the jail break D Line probably would have benefited us the most. I think our "O line size in the coming years will also help. Thoughts?
  5. I know it would have screwed up another year of eligibility.....But would Landers have taken Bama by surprise like the QB change did for them?
  6. I know that position gets paid well....but he hasn't performed close to what everyone expected. But I get what you are saying. Just wasn't as good a pick as everyone had hoped for. But he is definitely servicable. I think he is just a little lighter than the ideal left tackle would be.
  7. I'm sorry...matthews is good....but I would not over pay for him personally.
  8. The best way to describe Payne is: a one man wrecking crew!
  9. And his motor is off the charts! He never looked tired that entire game....no drop off what so ever. Can you imagine Takk, Jarrett and Payne! Good Lord have mercy on the other teams!
  10. He is a man among boys on the field and like most Bama guys, he is already pro ready. I'd go nuts if we managed to get him. I've never pulled for that many draft picks but this one is going to be a very special player.
  11. Plus Neals knees tend to get in the way when intercepting a pass. LOL....had to say it! Carry on
  12. That along with sooooooooo many dropped ands tipped balls! Lord Almighty we had our share of those this year. That has to get fixed to have any reasonable shot at improving.
  13. I think it's not relevant to any success or failure the Falcons may have.