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  1. About 2 years ago they replaced all the drain lines on bourbon street and re-bricked the roads. That helped a whole lot. But it didn’t get rid of all the smell.
  2. I thought that was a requirement to be on this board. 😂🤣
  3. Heck....I think I’ll enter the freakin portal! 🤨
  4. Dude looks like Mike Vick on roids! 😂
  5. Theres a very thin line between success and failure in the NFL. All the players are good. The real difference is coaching and scheme. An average team can win if they just have a couple of really good players and average but really well coached and disciplined team.
  6. Yeah kind of reminds me of the whole “everyone gets a trophy just for participation” mind set. You screw up, theres consequences. Thats life
  7. Makes me feel better seeing these results.
  8. WTH is going on? Two 5 stars that fast? Poof!
  9. what does that have to do with him possibly being able to teach someone. Tony was by far the best TE we ever had. Clutch, and a serious redzone threat. Like him or hate him.
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