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  1. Man, I needed some positive football news! Go Dawgs!op
  2. Yeah I'll miss all the out of conference rivalries.......but I'm really happy that it's looking like we will have football in the fall. It would be really weird without football.
  3. Gotta love the kids name. He has to do good with Gunner playing QB.
  4. With these kids not being able to visit other schools right now and throw that Covid in the mix, it could get much more difficult bringing some from longer distances.
  5. Racism is anyone who dislikes another person based solely on the color of their skin. I’ve seen whites dislike blacks..., I’ve seen blacks dislike whites. It’s wrong either way.
  6. He’s saying “who’s next”?
  7. You might be right but, I always found onside kicks pretty exciting. Especially when you do it twice in a row. I know the odds of that happening again is extremely rare but that had me jumping out of my chair, bad sciatica and all.
  8. Well, it’s official....... we need to tie one arm behind their backs, bubble wrap them, slap an N95 on those bad boys, throw them out on the field and tell them to play nice!
  9. why haven’t people learned not to panic over this stuff. I let the past 4 years of recruiting guide my emotions. Results matter.
  10. That’s a way better investment than the stock market!
  11. Talent isn't even a concern for me, what gets me is the sloppy, undisciplined play that made us look like a bunch that had never taken the first snap on a football field. Getting pushed around and beat is one thing.....we made A LOT of dumb mistakes at the worst possible times. Is that coaching, talent, no heart, not buying in? Maybe a combination of those?
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